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July 27, 2021

Getting your digital content strategy right..

Do you have a digital content strategy that factors in your website and your social media?

Having a digital content strategy that factors in all areas of your online presence is a must nowadays, so in our fourth LIVE stream for this month with Ready Steady Websites, we'll be sharing tips to get the balance right and also how to make sure it works for your social media, your website and your audience, as you get your online content marketing spot on.

We've joined forces with Jude & Chris from Ready Steady Websites in a month of LIVE STREAMs and in this one, we take you through your digital content strategy and getting it right in 2021..

Ready Steady Websites are the experts in website creation, design & flow.. And we are digital visibility specialists on a mission to make growing your online presence simple for everyone.

The previous blog posts in this series are right here for you to check back on.

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This is our LIVE stream which was live on Monday 26th July 2021 at 2pm on Instagram, Facebook and indeed Linkedin. Always be sure to ask us as many questions as you like!!! Lets go...

Digital Content Strategy - Take aways

Jude & Chris' Digital Content Strategy Take Aways..

  • Have themes to follow.
  • Plan always starts with their blog, which leads to social posts & email content.
  • Use your LIVES within your emails.
  • Lots of linking to websites, especially from video content.
  • Always repeat your content across platforms.. Someone who didn't like the email, did like the REEL and went back to the email.

Our Yellow Tuxedo Digital Content Strategy take aways..

  • Lead with Macro Content and share out across platforms.
  • Create an eco system of platforms and content with your website at the centre.
  • Use an ominchannel approach.
  • Keep it consistent and comfortable for your audience.
  • Ensure everything online is optimised.

Thanks again for visiting us today... We wish you all the best on growing your digital visibility and if we can ever help, do just get in touch..

Have fun always..

Emily & Alan

PS.. We live stream using Streamyard... Find out more about it...

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