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July 20, 2021

Is blogging still relevant in 2021 | What's the point of a blog?

Is blogging still relevant in 2021?

It's the third part in a month of learning between Yellow Tuxedo & Ready Steady Websites and today we'll be talking about blogging and is it even still relevant in 2021 as we answer the age old question "whats the point of a blog?" and we share some blogging tips for beginners.

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We join forces with Jude & Chris from Ready Steady Websites in this LIVE STREAM to take you through blogging in 2021..

Ready Steady Websites are the experts in website creation, design & flow.. We are, of course, digital visibility specialists on a mission to make it simple.. This is our LIVE stream which was live on Monday 19th July 2021 at 2pm on Instagram, Facebook and indeed Linkedin. Be sure to ask us as many questions as you like in the comments of get in touch!!!

Our Yellow Tuxedo YouTube channel | digital visibility

Is blogging still relevant in 2021 - Our Take Aways from todays LIVE stream..

These are Jude & Chris' key take aways today..
  • Blogs are great content not only for your website but to include as content for regular emails to your list, so don’t put off creating an email list because you think you don’t have content for it.
  • Blog consistently which doesn’t have to be very frequently. 
  • They are a great way to nurture the silent followers without you even realising it. 
These are our top takeaways from todays live stream..
  • Every blog is a virtual door to your business / website.
  • A great way to share your brand voice.
  • Allows you too embed 'calls to action' [CTAs] to other areas of your business.
  • You can answer questions your audience are asking so that others can find them on Google.
  • Monitor which ones are working with Google Analytics.
The Digital Circus | Yellow Tuxedo | digital visibility

Thanks again for visiting us today... We wish you all the best planning in the world on growing your digital visibility and if we can ever help, do just get in touch..

Have fun always..

Emily & Alan

PS.. We live stream using Streamyard... Find out more about it...

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