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June 4, 2024

My ADHD is NOT a superpower | Antony Burdett-Clark | The Small Business Podcast

Antony Burdett-Clark [ or ABC for short] is an extremely creative photographer, who in this episode takes us through his undiagnosed ADHD and how it's not a superpower for him! We also chat through how family is always the goal and his absolutely amazing career...

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In this conversation, Antony (ABC) discusses his goals of finding happiness and achieving a work-life balance. He also talks about the challenges of living with undiagnosed ADHD and how it affects his ability to prioritise tasks. Antony shares his approach to managing his photography business while dealing with family responsibilities and health issues. He truly understands the importance of family and prioritising their needs. This includes Ant's wife, Christine who is living with a disability but following her goal to become a successful archer and potentially represent the country in the Paralympics.

In this conversation, we discuss the importance of taking opportunities, being creative, and saying yes to new experiences. We also discuss the balance between work and personal life and the value of enjoying the present moment.

Key takeaways from this weeks episode of The Digital Circus LIFE

  • Finding happiness and contentment in life can be challenging, but it is a worthwhile goal.
  • Living with ADHD can present obstacles in prioritising tasks and staying focused.
  • Balancing work and family responsibilities requires careful planning and flexibility.
  • Family should always be a top priority, and work should be adjusted to accommodate their needs.
  • Overcoming health challenges and pursuing personal passions can be sources of inspiration and motivation. Take opportunities and run with them, even if they are outside your comfort zone.
  • Be creative and say yes to new experiences.
  • Appreciate the present moment and enjoy life's experiences.

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Ant is also one of the founding members of The Digital Circus and has been with us on the Big Top adventure since June 2020! If you would like to find out more about getting involved with The Digital Circus membership check it out here.

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