Who we are

We’re not an SEO company and we’re not social media managers, we are an A-team of experts that cover a multitude of skills in the online stratosphere dedicated to helping you take charge…


To the experts

Emily and Alan Braithwaite are the husband and wife team behind Yellow Tuxedo. Having built several successful brands together they now work together to share their knowledge and expertise with others.?

Behind the scenes there is also an awesome team of amazing professionals dedicated to supporting Emily, Alan and their clients. These include web designers, photographers, videographers and copywriters all of which help to make Yellow Tuxedo a phenomenal digital agency.


Emily Braithwaite


Emily has a long established background in the events industry. Starting with the Forestry Commission she was responsible for the delivery of several multi-million pound projects. After she left the Commission, Emily went on to start her own outdoor events business. Through the development of this business and use of proven growth techniques the brand has now gone international.

Emily skills lie in development and training others with a simple and structured approach for other business owners to understand and utilise. She always bans complicated jargon from her training sessions!


Alan Braithwaite


Alan has an extensive background in senior management in both the retail and IT sectors and played an integral part in bringing two well known American brands to the UK. His specialism was in brand growth and learning and development with an emphasis on current technologies.

Alan?s strategic skillset and experience was pivotal in the creation of both Baylily Bell Tents and The Outside Bride as we maximised their online presence, taking them from small cottage industry businesses to international brands.


The bigger your online presence, The bigger your brand awareness.

Let us show you how to do all of this for yourself with a stress free, simple and consistent approach.


Why businesses love us

Since working with Yellow Tuxedo we have seen outstanding results. We now spend less time on social media campaigns, our google rating is increasing daily, as is traffic to our website. The changes from Yellow Tuxedo advice are translating into quantifiable growth in our business with an increase in prospective client meetings and resulting in actual bookings from clients finding us via search engine results. Best of all the work we implemented has cost nothing but our time, so our advertising budget looks set to halve over the next year!

Danielle, Penton Park


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