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Changing the game

Forget average. We are different and we stand apart. We are Yellow Tuxedo.
how to repurpose macro content for social media with Emily and Alan Braithwaite

Your business is amazing and it deserves to be seen. We provide no nonsense, actionable, real life business support that gets people seen and helps them grow.

Hi, We're Emily and Alan,
 the faces behind Yellow Tuxedo. We are jolly nice humans who can’t wait to get to know you and your business better.

Emily Braithwaite from Yellow Tuxedo

Emily Braithwaite

Emily is a gin drinking, sea loving, adventure seeking, mum of three kids and five chickens who also bakes the worlds best tear and share bread..

Emily's Top Trumps..

Creativity- 88 
Training- 100
Knowledge- 92
Years in business- 10
Amount of gins consumed- enough to deal with Alan!

Superpowers- Google, SEO, Instagram, content creation, positivity.

Alan Braithwaite

Alan secretly [ or not so secretly] believes he's the rock, loves the colour yellow, running, vests, hawaiian shirts, smart tech and burgers.

Alan's Top Trumps..

Creativity- 100 
Training- 60
Knowledge- 91
Years in business- 10
Amount of burgers consumed- too many!

Superpowers- YouTube, Email marketing, Strategic planning, podcasting and entertaining.
Alan Braithwaite co-founder of Yellow Tuxedo
What people say
“I think what you do is incredible. Your support, interaction, passion and brutal honesty has been fab. There’s loads of hints, tips, ideas and motivation in your vlogs and pages. I for one have found it really useful so thank you.”
Penny Boycott

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