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June 2, 2024

Going with the flow. From the UK to Goa and back again | Alison Bale | The Small Business Podcast

All of this positive thinking in the world and sometimes we still find it hard to trust it and go with the flow. Alison's a great example of knowing you want something and then making it happen.. From her take on her coaching to travelling the world, Alison always went with it... Alison's episode of The Digital Circus LIFE The Small Business Podcast is an absolute corker.

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In this weeks episode Alison Bale from Mind Insight discusses her journey from being a chiropractor to incorporating mindfulness in her practice to help people manage chronic pain. She demonstrates the importance of an integrated approach to work and life and the need for active interventions in pain management.

Alison also shares her experience of living in Goa and her plans to expand her business by offering group courses.

Key Takeaways from this weeks episode...

  • An integrated approach to work and life is important for overall well-being.
  • Active interventions, such as mindfulness, can be more effective in managing chronic pain than passive interventions.
  • Living abroad and experiencing different cultures can be a fulfilling adventure.
  • Building an audience and offering group courses can help scale a business.
  • Trust your instincts and always check in with yourself.

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