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What is The Digital Circus? A community dedicated to showing you how to grow your business online the way YOU want. 


Tools and resources that will make your life simpler.


Expert training every month available LIVE and on #replay for you to learn at your pace.


Five calls per month, including LIVE training, accountability, planning, networking and collaboration.


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Hello, we're Emily & Alan, the jolly nice folk and founders of Yellow Tuxedo and The Digital Circus. The Digital Circus has been created to be as accessible as possible for business owners and solopreneurs to learn in a simple and jargon free way whilst meeting other like minded people who want to have some fun along the way.

We created The Digital Circus to help you cut through the noise, to give you the practical tools for showing up, but most importantly, we want to help you show up the way YOU want.

 Trust us… It's going to be an adventure!

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What people say
"Emilys Knowledge is incredible and I am so excited to get going with everything I learned in my session”
Charlotte Rose Designs

You are amazing. Learn how to stand out from the crowd.

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Does the digital world overwhelm you? We're here to help simplify everything for you. We remove the noise, strip back the jargon, explain the tech and show you how to make your workflow easier. 
Do you want to better understand how your digital visibility works? Every month we give you practical training for you to implement in your business along with regular think tanks, accountability and networking sessions to help you create a clear plan of action.
Do you struggle to know what content to create for your business? We help you to stop worrying about the social media algorithm. We show you how to create quality, optimised content that will actually get you found.
Do you know how to get your website working for you? We show you that SEO isn't a dark art. We will help you to understand exactly how to get your business seen on Google. 
What people say
"They have really helped me to understand better the path that i am taking and the actions I need to take to get my ducks in a row this year to expand.”
Hatchfully Yours

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The Digital Circus
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Frequently asked questions

What is the digital circus?

Each month we will be running a series of workshops in our virtual big top tent, combined with accountability emails, Q&A sessions and much more. Stay tuned for more information when we launch in just a few weeks

Will I be tied to a contract?

Absolutely not. There will be both a monthly and an annual subscription which you can cancel at any time. Not that you’ll want to though!

I'm not technically minded, is this for me?

The Digital Circus is EXACTLY for you. We are going to break everything down into simple and easy to digest circus acts. By the end of your time at the circus you’ll be a digital marketing extraordinaire!

Will there be a Facebook group?

Nope. One of the things we recognise is how busy we all are and how noisy and time consuming FB groups are. With this in mind we’ve decided to grow our community in a different way!

What will I learn?

If you’ve been following Yellow Tuxedo for a while you’ll know that we wholeheartedly believe that online presence isn’t just about SEO or about social media but its much bigger than that. We’ll be looking at your brand, your website, your blog, your social presence and PR and legacy. But most of all we’ll be showing you how to really connect with your audience so that they want to buy from you before they even submit their first enquiry.

Will Alan wear his yellow suit in the big top?

If you ask him nicely!

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