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What is The Digital Circus? An online community of personable small business owners and solopreneurs committed to taking action and getting their business seen the way that THEY want to be seen. 

Hello, we're Emily & Alan, the jolly nice folk and founders of Yellow Tuxedo. We have created The Digital Circus as a space for personable small business owners and solopreneurs to learn how to create a stand out online presence for their business.

We created The Digital Circus to help you cut through the noise, to show you how to show up, but most importantly, we want to help you show up the way YOU want.

Our community is full to the brim with incredible, supportive, wonderful small business owners who are ready to take action and grow their business online in an effective and sustainable way.

 Trust us… It's going to be an adventure!

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What people say
"They've always been so supportive - not only are they highly knowledgeable but they truly care about your business and always go out of their way to help.”
Lucy Jeffrey
Lucy Jeffrey Bare Kind - The Digital Circus Tes

Intrigued? Read on to find out what is included in your membership...

The Sideshow Session [available on replay]

This session is all about getting you ready for the month ahead. We work alongside our community members to create a clear plan of action to move forward for the next four weeks with accountability. 

Your plan is then emailed directly to your inbox straight after the session ready for you to start taking action immediately.

Big Top Training [available on replay]

Twice a month we cover off a different aspect of your online ecosystem. 

We pride ourselves in providing simple, jargon free training on topics that include hard skills like SEO, social media platforms and content creation as well as soft skills like confidence and creativity. 

And, we now have two years worth of sessions available to watch back at any time within The Backstage Area.
Acrobat Training

Our monthly Acrobat session is a safe space for you to drop in and ask direct questions within the group. 

It is a great opportunity to troubleshoot any issues you might be dealing with, to discuss new projects, plan collaborations and to use the group as a sound board for new content ideas.
The Circus Social

We thoroughly believe in the power of community and collaboration. 

Each month we invite all of our members to attend the Circus Social. A one hour speed networking session whereby you have the opportunity to break out and have 3x mini networking sessions with our circus family.
The Backstage Area

When you become a member you get full access to our historic training dashboard so that you can get started with your learning immediately. 

All recorded sessions are added to the dashboard on the same day so if you can't make a live session you can catch up in your own time.
What people say
"It is an amazing community too! I came for the knowledge and guidance but have found real friends too. Thank you Emily & Alan.”
Philipa Duffin
Philippa Duffin | The Digital Circus Testimonial

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Monthly Membership
The Digital Circus
1x Monthly Accountability session
2x Monthly LIVE trainings [replay available]
1x Monthly Drop in Q&A clinic
1x Networking session
Full access to our training dashboard
Bi-weekly newsletters
Access to the Circus community

£2000 / month
Yearly Membership
The Digital Circus
1x Monthly Accountability session
2x Monthly LIVE trainings [replay available]
1x Monthly Drop in Q&A clinic
1x Networking session 
Full access to our training dashboard
Bi-weekly newsletters
Access to the Circus community
Save £40

Should be £240, save £40 £20000 / year
What people say
"Emily & Alan are amazing! They teach in a no fluff, no nonsense way, but in a way you can understand without all the mumbo jumbo. I love being member of The Digital Circus!”
Lindsey Robertson
Lindsey Robertson | The Digital Circus Testimonial

Frequently asked questions

What is the digital circus?

The Digital Circus is our online community for personable business owners who want to take action to get their business more visible.

Will I be tied to a contract?

Absolutely not. There will be both a monthly and an annual subscription which you can cancel at any time. Not that you’ll want to though!

I'm not technically minded, is this for me?

The Digital Circus is EXACTLY for you. We are going to break everything down into simple and easy to digest circus acts. We strongly believe that there is no such thing as a stupid question and we steer well clear from complicated jargon.

Will there be a Facebook group?

Nope. One of the things we recognise is how busy we all are and how noisy and time consuming FB groups are. We’ve decided to grow our community in a different way! Why hide behind a Facebook group? Its a big old Digital world...go out and find people!

What will I learn?

During your time at The Digital Circus you will learn how to create a sustainable  online ecosystem for your business. Visibility doesn't just stop at regular social media posting. We want to help you connect all of the dots with clear and actionable training and advice to bring more traffic to your door. 

Will Alan wear his yellow suit in the big top?

If you ask him nicely!
What people say
"They are a best kept secret that you need to find out about if you want to use social media effectively.”
Tony Swainston
Tony Swainston | The Digital Circus Testimonial

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