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July 12, 2021

Website conversion | How to get my website working for me.

Website conversion.

As we continue our collaboration month with Jude and Chris Wharton from Ready Steady Websites we're starting to delve into getting your websites working for you..

One of the key parts to this is website conversion and most importantly how to get people to take action once they have arrived at your website...

We see lots of websites where it's just not obvious what you want from the visitor to your website or event it's way too complicated for a user to understand where to navigate to on your site. Essentially, if they can't get to what they want in three clicks or less, it's too many..

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Website conversion summary...

Here are our key bullet points from todays LIVE stream..

These are Jude & Chris' key take aways today..

  • Key things needed above the fold on the home page and CTA top right
  • Having a good user journey around the website
  • Uncluttered main navigation and key actions within three clicks
  • Consistent visual hierarchy
  • Consistent colours for call to actions
  • Must work well on mobile

These are our top takeaways from todays live stream..

  • Check your analytics and behaviour flow- You should know what the obvious user behaviour is..Always look at the data
  • Call to actions obvious on pages and content 
  • Understand the purpose of your website
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Thanks again for visiting us today... We wish you all the best planning in the world on growing your digital visibility and if we can ever help, do just get in touch..

Have fun always..

Emily & Alan

PS.. We live stream using Streamyard... Find out more about it...

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