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June 4, 2024

I was being a victim, I'd had enough | Debbie Crompton | The Small Business Podcast

We blimmin love Debbie [and of course her business partner Steph] from Stebbington... But this podcast episode is all about Debbie... And she is on such an amazing adventure with her mate Steph, so much so that we included her in the artwork.... It was so much fun chatting to her.. In this weeks episode of The Digital Circus LIFE podcast we talk about so many things but in particular we draw upon in her early years she recognised that due to ill health she was allowing herself to be a victim. And that had to stop!! It's an absolutely fabulous episode about fun, friendship, changing your own course and of course... Hogwarts Legacy!

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In this episode Debbie discusses her goals, her love for gaming, and how it feels working with her best friend. She also shares her passion for systems and processes and how it led her to start her own business after several years in corporate.

She discusses the importance of having fun in business and how it has been a core value in her friendship with Steph. Debbie also talks about her journey with multiple sclerosis (MS) and how she changed her mindset to overcome obstacles and to stop "being a victim" and to change the course to put her on the path to world domination with their company, Stebbington.

Key takeaways from this weeks episode of The Digital Circus LIFE

  • Setting short-term goals can lead to happiness and a sense of achievement.
  • Working with your best friend can be successful if boundaries are set and communication is open.
  • Follow your passion ALWAYS.
  • Allowing young people to explore and change their career path is important.
  • It's never too late to make a career change and pursue your passions.
  • Having fun and enjoying what you do is crucial in business and can lead to success.
  • Self-acceptance and learning from past experiences are key to personal growth and happiness.

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