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July 6, 2021

Grow your online presence and increase your leads

How to grow your online presence and increase your leads

It's July 2021 and we have a month long collaboration with the amazing Jude & Chris Wharton from Ready Steady Websites focussed on the website element of digital visibility and online presence..

In our first LIVE stream this month, we look at how to grow your online presence and increase your leads..

Obviously though, it's a LIVE stream, with the emphasis on this being LIVE and the first few minutes are us sorting out a few tech issues.. Echo!! Hello!! Sorry about that, but do feel free to scan forward a couple of moments..

The Digital Circus | Yellow Tuxedo | digital visibility

The key bullet points from both of us are below for you to take away..

Emily and Alan

  • Identifying what a well rounded 'online presence' really is.
  • Content optimisation and understanding that it needs to be seen.
  • Get your older content working for you again.
  • Backlinks…Worry less about tagging people on FB and more about links to those people on our websites/ guest posting
  • Relationship building before they even get to your website

Jude and Chris [ Ready Steady Websites ]

  • Consistent branding - images, colours, fonts, logos, tone of voice across all social media, nurturing and marketing emails and website.
  • Clear engaging statement and call to actions (primary and secondary) above the fold on the website.
  • Add new useful content to your website regularly and talk about it and link to it.
  • Get yourself guest opportunities and link back to your website from those.
  • Use testimonials throughout your website, not just on a testimonial page and especially on the home page and sales or sign up pages.
Our Yellow Tuxedo YouTube channel | digital visibility

Thanks again for visiting us today... We wish you all the best planning in the world on growing your digital visibility and if we can ever help, do just get in touch..

Have fun always..

Emily & Alan

PS.. We live stream using Streamyard... Find out more about it...

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