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October 11, 2020

Macro Content [What is it?]

We're massive advocates of a macro content strategy and think you should consider adopting it as well. So have a scan through below and learn why, the benefits and much more.

Emily & Alan from Yellow Tuxedo record some macro content

Start making macro content

We bang on about Macro Content a lot. But what actually is it?

Well, it's a piece of content, that can sit on a platform, nicely keyword optimised. Which means that it becomes 'evergreen' content that can then be found forever by potential clients who are searching on that keyword.

As they search on that content and discover it, they then get to start to know you and the consume more of your content, the eventually get to your website and become clients. It's the principal of organic traffic online.

The video above shows you what to do with that content after you've created it to really get it working for you. As always, if you fancied SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube channel, we'll love you forever.

PS. This is the stuff we show you how to do in The Digital Circus. 
The Digital Circus | Yellow Tuxedo | digital visibility

Even the BBC make macro content.

Why are we sharing the BBCs Greg James do "Up Yours Corona"?

Well, the BBC are masters of Macro Content. Everything they produce is Macro Content and is all searchable on the web and their own platform iPlayer..


This peach is seven weeks old now, but Greg has been talking about it again this week  and it's on YouTube [above] for people to find them and discover the BBC / Greg James / Radio 1 brand..


Do they mind re purposing their content? Well, we all still watch Morecambe & Wise don't we!!


Create macro content, share it out as keyword optimised content and repurpose forever to keep your life simple and to bring potential clients into your ecosystem to become clients, just like the BBC do!

Our Yellow Tuxedo YouTube channel | digital visibility

Thanks for reading and have fun always..


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