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October 12, 2020

The Yellow Magic Hour

What the heck is that...

The Yellow Magic Hour is our current macro content project. It's a six part series that we stream LIVE to our Facebook Page and our YouTube channel via Streamyard.

During the The Yellow Magic Hour one hour LIVE, we have guests who bring us their expertise and knowledge that we think will be really useful for you and we also have magic from the amazing Ricky Locke to help keep you entertained oh and you have us hosting it all..

Check out the videos below for what it is, who Ricky Locke is and all of the episodes as we stream them LIVE....

Goes LIVE Tuesday October 27th 10am 2020

The amazing Ami Robertson from The Woman and The Wolf and Adam Carley from TouchSkye Designs join us to shed some light on what branding actually means regardless of it being a personal or no personal brand..

Goes LIVE Tuesday October 20th 10am 2020

Mike from Sport 101, who owns a hockey academy and Benjamin who is literally 'The Culture Guy' join us to share their expertise, knowledge and experience on why you need to nail down your culture and what that actually means to you, your business and your clients..

Goes LIVE Tuesday October 13th 10am 2020

We speak to both Kirstie Clowsley, mother of The Juno Way and Matt King from SalesChange to discuss both the "birth" of a brand new business as well as how to grow efficiently.

Goes LIVE Tuesday October 6th 10am 2020

Today is all about Trevor Young, The PR Warrior and Rob Hancill from EMTB Forums as we discuss 'Community Matters'. Trevor being the expert and Rob has some who has done it.

Ricky Locke on The Yellow Magic Hour

We wanted to make sure that every episode was as fun as possible. So we thought what better way to make The Yellow Magic Hour fun than by having actual blimmin magic...

That's why we got the absolutely fabulous Ricky Locke onboard. Ricky joins us every episode and blows our minds with his magic..

We hope you enjoyed checking out our collaborative, multicast macro content masterpiece. If you'd like to let us know what you think or if you'd like to be a guest on an up and coming season, do feel free to get in touch with us.

If you'd like to find out even more about us then do head over to our 'who we are page..

Thanks and have fun always.

Emily & Alan

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