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October 16, 2020

Why you should use Streamyard for Podcasts

Using Streamyard to record your podcast

We have recently fallen completely and utterly in love with Streamyard. Its been an absolute game changer for how we approach our macro content strategy especially with the launch of The Yellow Magic Hour, our newest 6 part multicasting series. But why love it so much is how easy it makes the process of recording Podcast content for your business too. In todays video we would love to show you exactly why you should use Streamyard to record your podcast.

Why we use Streamyard

It really was a no brainer for us when it came to using Streamyard for our content. It is so simple to use and allows us to stream to up to 10 platforms at one time with no trouble at all. The broadcast studio is absolute genius and allows us to manage our guests on the cast seamlessly along with our custom branded graphics.

For anyone who hasn't used Streamyard before we thoroughly recommend you go and check it out. Its an amazing platform to use [ an before you ask no, we're not being paid to say so!!!]

Podcasting with Streamyard

One of the joys of Streamyard is the ability to download the audio file for the recording at the click of a button. We have spoken to so many people over the last few months who have wanted to get started with podcasting but have been too worried that they haven't got the right equipment to start. Streamyard literally takes away and of that stress by making the "show" production as simple as humanly possible. In our opinion ANYONE, anyone at all, even if you are brand new to podcasting, can get started with communicating with their audience by using this method.

Be sure to click on the video link above as Alan will take you through all of the steps you need to take to get started and will show you exactly why you should use Streamyard to record your podcast.

As always we would love to know what you think so do be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what else we can help you guys with!

Have fun

Emily x

P.S. If you haven't yet signed up to our membership The Digital Circus then what are you doing??? Head over and sign up now!!

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