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December 4, 2019

Organic Traffic | How to Get it with our FREE training.

Surely we all want more organic traffic?

If you have a website, then we figure you’d like more visitors!

To get more visitors, you need to grow your online presence to help you rise up the Google rankings!

To grow your online presence, you need to work on your on digital marketing!

Well, here’s our FREE 5 part video training that tells you exactly what to do to make all of the above happen…

The best bit is that each video is only 15 minutes long, so will fit easily into your day.

Our FREE training course has been designed to take you through the journey of what you need to do to grow your online presence. The training, which is based around our 5 Theme strategy, is our holistic approach to growing your online presence, through digital marketing, which in turn increase your websites organic traffic.

Our 5 themes are:-

1- Your Brand

2 – Your Website

3- Your Blog

4- Your Social Presence

5- Your Legacy and PR

‘We start with ‘Your Brand’ and cover some principals to increase your domain authority and some basics which will get potential clients wanting to follow you, then we look at your SEO & Keywords on ‘Your Website’ as we want to make sure your website is fully optimised. Next up is ‘Your Blog’, one of the most important factors when you to get new traffic to your site [you’re reading this blog post aren’t you!], then we tell you what to do across all of your social platforms with ‘Your Social Presence’ and we finish with the exciting part, the bits you can’t plan for under ‘Your Legacy and PR’. 

We dont always talk about this, but it was using this strategy that got one of our other businesses ‘Baylily Bell Tents‘ featured on ITVs This Morning multiple times.


To sign up and learn from our FREE SEO Training Course, just click on the below link.

Click here for our free SEO Training Course 

Thank you and fun always.

Alan xx

PS.. If you’d like to know more about us, then just click right here.

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