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June 14, 2021

The Digital Circus LIVE 2021 in the media

Last month we hosted The Digital Circus LIVE and what an event is was! In the coming weeks we are going to be sharing some of our key takeaways from the day not just from a content perspective but from an organisational perspective of setting up and marketing a virtual event.

As always time has completely slipped away from us but we did want to share the little PR win we had in the lead up to the 18th May when we were featured in both the Dorset Daily Echo and the Southern Daily Echo with coverage on The Digital Circus LIVE and how to get involved.

To read the full feature you can do so via the button below

As with everything we do at Yellow Tuxedo our entire marketing strategy for The Digital Circus LIVE was based purely on organic growth and reaching out with PR opportunities like the one above. We will be going into further detail soon about our marketing spend to get people through the door but if you've previously read our blog on our marketing spend for 2020 you won't be surprised to learn that it didn't involve any PPC or ad spend anywhere across the internet!

We're already planning the next The Digital Circus LIVE event for 2022 so stay tuned for updates and be sure to get the date in your diary as soon as we announce the next date!

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