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June 1, 2022

YATM Creator Day 2022 & Virtual Doors

YATM Creator Day [You Are The Media]

Last Thursday, 26th May 2022, we headed down to the Lighthouse Theatre in Poole for the YATM Creator Day 2022. YATM is You Are The Media, the community created by Mark Masters.

We're going to need a bigger TV!!

We had been asked by Mark to deliver a talk on 'being found orgaincally' and we'd been asked to share some hints and tips to get people going as they worked together to create an piece of content to share out and support each other whilst doing it.

To bring our talk to life even more, we strapped a yellow door to the car and headed down.

But why a door!

What did a door have to do with building online ecosystems and being found organically! Well, it's simple.

We're huge fans and believers in that if you're already creating content to put on the internet, which 99.9% of businesses are in some shape or form, then that content should be working harder for you.

If you create nice quality content and keyword optimise it, then that content appears on Google for those keywords and the more you post up for each keyword the more likely you are to appear at the top of Google.


Yes, that's fine, but why a door!

Well, each of these keyword optimised pieces of content, then become virtual doors to you and your website..

Think of a supermarket, like Tesco having it's main shop, then having as many virtual doors as it can create, spread around the area allowing people to get straight to the shop! Well, that's what your keyword opimised content, virtual doors can be doing for you and your website..

YATM Creator Day 2022 | YellowTuxedo Door as a whiteboard
Using a door as a white board.

So, we used our door, which was representing a virtual door as a whiteboard to work through a real world example..

YATM Creator Day 2022 Real World Example

If you created a blog, video & podcast every week for 8 years, just like Mark at You Are The Media has, well then you'd have 1248 virtual doors to you and your website. This doesn't even include all of the other sites and platforms you could be sharing optimised content onto...

Well, what are you waiting for? Get optimising your content...

Oh and we had an epic day at Mark's event down in Poole. A huge thank you to him and everyone else we saw for making it just the most awesome of days. Highly recommended by us.. Defo check it out.

Have fun always and thanks for reading.


P.S. Pictures courtesy of Zelda de Hollander

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