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November 17, 2021

Simple Instagram Reels | Instagram Reels for business owners...

Simple Instagram Reels and short form for reluctant entrepreneurs...

In the second part of our four part series we wanted to share with you our thoughts on simple Instagram Reels ideas for you that don't involve lip synching and dancing on camera.

We understand that it can be difficult to know WHAT to film. The market is saturated with influencers and social media experts seemingly killing it on social media right now, but we promise you, there is a space for the small business owner too and that incorporating short form video into your content strategy is a smart move.

So, in todays video, we share five ideas for short form video that you can execute perfectly in your business today and guaranteed it doesn't involve pointing at things in the air!

1. Thought leadership pieces to camera

This involves nothing more than picking up your phone and talking to your camera. No editing required.

You have the opportunity to be the key person of influence in your industry. If you have something to say then say it. Share your knowledge and opinions on the things that matter to you most.

2. Behind the scenes/ Blooper posts

One of our most utilised styles of short form video. We create lots of macro content in our business but guaranteed we're never one take wonders. So many of our simple instagram reels are usually outtakes from when things have gone wrong in our filming. It shows that we're human, it shows that everyone experiences the same challenges when it comes to creating content and it builds rapport with our existing audience.

We often share behind the scenes short form content too. A sneak peek at a new service, life from the Yellow Tuxedo office, even our chickens at the end of the garden! It doesn't always have to be ROI specific content, it can be about human connection too.

3. Snippets from longer form content

This is a really smart one especially if you are time poor. Create short form content from your longer form content. I.e find a snippet of video, a key quote, a key sound bite, a powerful paragraph from your blog post, and share that out.

Not only is it great as an informational nugget for your audience, its a clever way of teasing your longer form content and encouraging people to get eyes on your full videos, podcasts and blog posts. As we mentioned in the first video of this series on Instagram reels for business owners people value their time and therefore need a reason to commit to watching, listening or reading longer form content. Your Instagram Reels can help you to persuade your audience that there is value in what you are showcasing.

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4. Showcase products and services in use

Share what you do or what you sell with your audience! If you are a product based business why not demonstrate the product in use, being used by your customers, product flat lays, products being packaged. Literally your face never needs to be on camera, let your product do the talking.

And if you're a service based business? Talk about your headline services, a snap shot of a zoom call, client testimonials of how you have helped them, your attendance at events, walk around your clinics and offices where your clients will be arriving, discuss the client experience and how it works in practice. There are endless options and again they don't involve lip synching to a Kardashian quote in the process...

5. Share your top tips

We always talk about sharing your top tips with longer form content but why not break this into shorter manageable tips? If you're never sure of what to talk about always start with things your current audience and client base are already asking and create snackable knowledge based Instagram Reels with your top tip on any given subject.

Writing a top ten style blog post? Take each of those top ten and make a series of short form videos. One blog post therefore equals ten Instagram Reels for you to share on social media. Again, you've already created the content elsewhere so you're not reinventing the wheel but simply changing the format in which the content is delivered to suit a different audience.

In the next part of our Instagram Reels for small business we'll be discussing our top tools for creating Reels so be sure to bookmark this site to come back to next week.

To conclude this post we just want you to start thinking about the benefits of short form video form video for your business rather than thinking of it as a hinderance in your content strategy. Create simple Instagram Reels that you know you can execute well and worry less at this stage about introducing fancy transitions and clever editing techniques, that will come later. For now just get started. You never know, you might just enjoy it!

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