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November 24, 2021

How to create an Instagram Reel | Instagram Reels for Small Business


So we've talked lots about the what and the why. Now its time to talk about HOW to create an Instagram Reel.

This is the third part of our four part series dedicated to Instagram Reels and short form for small business. In last weeks video we discussed simple Instagram Reels ideas and what you could be creating for your small business. This week we wanted to share how you can create Instagram Reels with all of the various software and apps at your fingertips to use.

Using the Canva video editor for Instagram Reels.

We use Canva pro every single day of the week in our business. In fact, it is the easiest $100 we spend every year in Yellow Tuxedo because we know how much value it brings us as well as saving us bucket loads of time.

The inbuilt video editor within Canva pro is a bit of a game changer, especially if you're not the most technically or creatively minded as it does all of the hardwork for you. Take advantage of the thousands of templates, stock images, videos and sounds for you to utilise in your content or simply just drag and drop your own onto the template. You can even schedule your posts directly to your social media platform without leaving the Canva platform.

Using Power Point or Keynote to create Instagram Reels.

You may not have the fanciest apps on your phone or be the best at video editing but chances are you've had a play with Power Point [ if you're a windows user] or Keynote if you're an Apple fan to build a presentation in the past. So why not use this to your advantage and build out an Instagram Reel? Reels don't always have to be video based and can be great for text based graphics or photo sharing. Simply build out your Reel on Power Point or Keynote and export as a video file when you've finished.

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Third party apps to build your Instagram Reels.

The app market is full to the brim with apps designed to help you make beautiful and engaging video content. We could spend hours listing them all out however we do feel that its personal choice as to which apps you prefer to use and are comfortable with. iMovie on the iPhone is always a great choice however there are more "done for you" third party apps like Splice and Inshot that are well worth a look if you're looking to utilise fancier transitions.

Create Instagram Reels natively in the App.

Its an obvious choice but often one people seem to neglect. The likes of Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook give you all of the tools you could possibly need to create your short form videos without ever leaving the app. From timers, to music, filters and transitions. It's all there to play with for free and the best thing is that these platforms truly do prefer native content.

If you're not yet creating Reels let us know if you're thinking about any of the above. If you're already a busy Reels creator do let us know which method you prefer in the comments and if you have any recommendations for apps we'd love to hear them.

In our final instalment next week we'll be talking all about how you can repurpose your short form video to make you're content creation simpler.

Have fun and see you soon!

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