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November 3, 2021

Understanding Instagram Reels for small business owners

Instagram Reels for small business owners doesn't need to be a headache...

We get it. Instagram Reels, or any short form video for that matter, can feel like an absolute pain in the proverbial butt. Not every small business owner out there wants to embrace the great Reels dance act or mindless pointing in the air. We spend so much time trying to get our voices heard, why do we lip sync with someone else's words?? Short form video is a great way of engaging with your audience as a small business. It doesn't need to feel overwhelming. We want to cover why you should seriously consider introducing Instagram Reels within your small business marketing strategy.

So you didn't get an A in your drama GCSE...

Well actually Alan did, but thats not the point. We're not all natural born performers but that doesn't mean you can't embrace short form video to grow your business.

Short form video creation like Instagram Reels is majorly efficient as part of your content sharing strategy. don't forget that we are MASSIVE advocates of repurposing your content across multiple platforms to give you more bang for your buck. One short form video can sit on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google My Business, Linkedin, YouTube Shorts, within your blog, within your newsletter. Spread it far and wide. You put the effort into create it in the first place so make sure people get to see it.

Not everyone wants to give their time...

As small business owners we thoroughly recognise that we are NOT the centre of everyone else's universe, especially when people are new to Yellow Tuxedo or discovering us for the first time. Things like Reels for small business is a great way of letting your audience get to know you without committing minutes and minutes of their precious time. People need to choose to invest their time in watching your long form content. They would be more likely to watch your YouTube back catalogue if they have had the chance to get to know your business and brand via your short form content.

Launching with Instagram Reels and Short form...

At Yellow Tuxedo we always recommend working on a macro content as part of your marketing strategy. Well optimised, value led, searchable content is integral to any online presence. That being said, micro content like short form video can really help you slingshot your content further and in front of more eyes for longer. Think about key snippets, bloopers, key learnings, product descriptions and demos, key features and benefits from your services.

Look at your overall message you are trying to deliver and work on creating short, snackable content to support that message.

What types of Reels should you focus on for your business?

We genuinely believe that you can achieve great things on short form without compromising your business. We urge you think about how it can fit your brand voice and values without making you cringe inside. Think of it this way, if you had a captive potential customer for just 30 seconds in a room with you what would you say? Do you want them to get to know you? Do you want them to engage and ask questions? Do you want to turn them into a prospect? Would you try and sell your product or service?

Dancing and lip synching works really well for some. In fact there are some HUUUUGE accounts smashing it on Instagram and TikTok right now. But you have to remember vanity metrics don't always convert to sales. lip synching is thoroughly entertaining but you don't need to go viral to be successful.

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