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November 5, 2021

My favourite toys... | Top podcasts to listen to in 2021 | S01E05

My favourite toys…

Episode 5 was recorded and published in the summer of 2021... Below are the show notes from the episode and the episode to watch or listen to. Enjoy...

What were your favourite toys? In hindsight what were our favourites toys. My favourite toys..

This is The 3 Men and Podcast, Podcast, one of the top podcasts to listen to in 2021, it literally is one of the best podcasts EVER...

In each episode of The 3 Men And Podcast, one of us takes the hosts chairs and ambushes the other two with a topic that usually they have no idea about..

In episode 5 it’s ‘My favourite toys…’ and the 3 men share some of their answers with you as the conversation makes its usual twists and turns as they try to stay on topic.. What were your favourite toys? Did you collect them? Do you still have a collection? We’d love to know..


In this episode… Who knows!! It’s a proper twisty turny one that has some of this…

  • Guitar Hero - Ricky & Matt were fans..
  • Somehow we cover a lot of music.. Goths, Emo & Grunge especially..
  • Pokemon cards & Masked Crusaders..
  • Matt runs an AMAZING toy quiz! Who won this week?
  • We loved Jenga and talk all about Alans kids swimming teacher called Senga!
  • Barry loves a minty biscuit..
  • Alan wants to own his back catalogue of cars in Haynes Manuals!
  • And. A lot blimmin more…. STAND BY..

My favourite toys…

Or listen to it on your favourite podcast platform via this link


As always, thank you so much for reading, watching and listening and have fun always.

Emily & Alan

When they’re not recording The 3 Men and Podcast, they are all extremely serious business owners who regularly make dreams come true for all of their clients…

You can find them all right here..

Matt King | Top UK Sales Coach



Ricky Locke | Customer Experience Coach and Magician



Alan Braithwaite | Digital Visibility Specialist with Yellow Tuxedo




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