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January 8, 2020

How to write an amazing blog post


Do you know how to write an amazing blog post? We’re told all of the time that in order to be visible we should be blogging for our businesses, but what does it actually mean to optimise your content? Its a phrase that is banded around lots when it comes to SEO but chances are, if you are working on your own content, you might be a little confused.

Thats why we have launched our latest video over on our YouTube Channel which is all about exactly how to write an amazing blog post. Emily takes you step by step through all of the things you need to know when writing an optimised blog to make sure that your audience actually gets to have eyes on your content and to help elevate you up the Google rankings.

One of the key points we explore is making sure that you do your Keyword research well before you even put pen to paper. Yes its true that you should definitely write content thats relevant to your business and interests however unless you put the research in to the right keywords to use within the body of your text your efforts could well be wasted. We’ve created another blog post all about Google keyword planner and how to get started finding relevant keywords to your niche. Do be sure to check it out if you need help!

Heres the link to our tutorial on how to create and amazing blog post. And of course do be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our weekly tips and advice on making sure that your business stands out from the crowd with an amazing online presence.

Have a tip top day…

Emily x

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