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December 1, 2021

Repurposing Reels | Instagram Reel for small business owners

Make your life simpler by repurposing Reels and other short form content

In this fourth and final part of our mini series all about short form content and Instagram Reels we're talking all about repurposing your content. In fact we list off 15 easy hitters for you without even trying.

Repurposing Reels is a smart move for small business owners. We are all time poor humans and although in theory the idea of creating fresh new content for each individual social media platform is great, who on earth has the time to do that when you've got a business to be running??

Worry less about what the algorithm favours. Trust me when I say that in 6 months time it would have changed and you can't keep chasing best practice. We always tell our clients that doing SOMETHING is better than doing NOTHING and if you keep putting blockers in place you will never create anything at all.

You spend so much time creating your content. You really deserve to get as much bang for your buck as possible and repurposing your Reels and TikToks can really help you to get more eyes on your business.

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Think outside the box with where you share...

Don't forget that your short form content doesn't just have to sit on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Think about the wider landscape. Can you share within your newsletters and emails? Can you share them to your Google My Business page? How about creating video gifs for your business.

As well as the video above we have created a simple check sheet for you to download right here with at least fifteen different places that you can repurpose your reels. Let us know if you can think of anywhere else!

Download our free PDF checklist here for where to repurpose your reels...

And if you haven't yet checked out parts 1-3 of this series yet do be sure to go back and find them..We hope you've found it useful and do be sure to tag @yellowtuxedo in your posts so that we can support and share all of your good work too.

Have fun always

Emily and Alan!

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