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April 16, 2021

Hopin Online Events - Platform Demo

The Hopin Online Events Platform is AMAZING

As we're get ready for The Digital Circus LIVE, we've been using Hopin for a couple of months now. Both as users visiting events and as event hosts, setting ours up ready for the 18th May 2021...

It really does seem to be the best platform out there that allows the greatest mix of events to add value and also putting the experience back into the users control. This is unlike ZOOM, that is very much host driven and led.

You have five main areas within a Hopin event to customise and add as much value as possible..

  • Reception [welcome and set the scene]
  • Main Stage [think keynote / webinar]
  • Sessions [more traditional ZOOM]
  • Expo Booths [allowing the showcase of businesses]
  • Networking [random 1-2-1 networking or you can match people by ticket type]

Here's our 3 minute demo of Hopin and how it's looking for The Digital Circus LIVE on 18th May 2021...

Hopin Online Events - Expo Booths

We also recently created another video of the Hopin Expo Booths for anyone looking to take out an Expo Booth at The Digital Circus LIVE...

You can read that blog and watch that video vie this Yellow Tuxedo blog post - " Hopin Expo Booth Demo "

Our Yellow Tuxedo YouTube channel | digital visibility

Stand Out From the Crowd

One of the things we love most about the potential of Hopin, is the opportunity for EVERY business to be able to stand out from their crowd and help put themselves in position of key person of influence. It allows any business to create a summit, a conference, a networking event or a celebration, where they can bring people together for an amazing event that puts the user and the organising hosts at the forefront.

It's also a great opportunity to create optimised macro content to share across all of your platforms. As you can create content [like this] leading up to the event and you can have all of the main stage and sessions video to share out after and add value again to your attendees.

What we'd love to know is, what could you organise using Hopin for your business? Do please get in contact on the socials and let us know..

Thank you so much for reading today. We hope that you're planning to grow your business in interesting and clever ways.

Have fun always,

Alan Braithwaite

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