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April 15, 2021

Hopin Expo Booth Demo

Here's our Hopin Expo Booth demo for you..

A huge and ridiculously exciting part of what we're able to do by hosting our event on Hopin is the Expo Booth area. Their Expo Booths are a great way to show case your business to the event attendees and get chatting with them. The Booths also allow you to tailor an offer directly to your visitors at that event.

We hope that you enjoy our 3 minute video tour of the Expo Booths from Hopin and any questions, do feel free to get in touch..

Our Yellow Tuxedo YouTube channel | digital visibility

Hopin Expo Booth - Our Favourite Features

These are our favourite features of the booths..

  1. The ability to tend in person or use a video from YouTube or Vimeo or have Google Slides if you don't wish to tend in person or need to pop away.
  2. Being about to chat with text or if people wish to jump on video there and then to ask questions, they can.
  3. To have a customised offer that your booth visitors can just click on.
  4. The fact that your Booth is showcased on the event page long before the event actually starts.

The Digital Circus LIVE - Our Event - 18th May 2021

The Digital Circus LIVE is in town for one day only and is celebration of digital visibility, business growth and opportunity..

The Digital Circus LIVE is for business owners and brands who want to understand WHY they should grow online, HOW to grow online and WHAT to do to grow online..

Coming to you online from the comfort of your home or office, It will feature, workshops, networking, an exhibition hall and of course some fabulously inspiring keynote speakers...

We have for your delectation…

* 6 FABULOUS keynote speakers inspiring and teaching in our Main Circus Ring
* 10 AMAZING workshops showing you HOW to grow your business online
* An AWESOME exhibition hall full of some of the most inspiring businesses
* 2 optional lunch options to be delivered to your front door
* YOU networking with each other in the networking zone...

The Digital Circus LIVE is 18th May 2021 with tickets on sale for just £35 from 1st April via

Thank you so much for reading and w hope you've learnt some more about Hopin's Expo Booths..

To find out more about us at Yellow Tuxedo feel free to get in touch or click on my name below..

Have fun always.


Find out more about the keynote speakers at The Digital Circus LIVE.

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