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February 19, 2024

Feed your growth- Alan Braithwaite on the Self Belief Unsquashed podcast

Not content with interviewing just one half of Yellow Tuxedo, the wonderful Trisha Lewis came back for more and recently had a great conversation for the Self Belief Unsquashed Podcast. In this interview discuss at length how you can feed your growth both personally and professionally. They also go on to discuss why one of the biggest factors of personal growth comes down to the team you surround yourself with and how Alan's background with the Scout Association has given him so many life skills that are applicable in the business world.

“It’s about fun, safety and adventure. And all of a sudden, you’re an adult with all of these skills that you don’t really remember learning then they just built into you.”

From  a Top Gun Maverick mantra to Scouting stories to very real observations about community, fun, motivation – squashing and unsquashing – this is a rich listen.

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