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June 24, 2020

How to screen record with sound on your iPhone

In the last week or so we have sent several screen recordings on our phones to clients to demonstrate quick walk arounds of apps etc. And each time our client has asked "but how did you do that?!" With this in mind we thought we would do a quick demonstration to show you exactly how to to screen record with sound on your iPhone. Its such a quick and easy function but like lots of us find we don't use half of the iPhone features to our advantage sometimes!

What can you use iPhone screen recordings for?

We all know what it is like. We get asked a question and by the time you've gone back and forth a few times you start thinking it would have been quicker just to go and do it yourself! The ability to screen record is a really quick and easy way for you to do a realtime demonstration with anything you are talking about on your phone or browser.

But thats not all its good for...Have you ever wanted to capture something in the moment? Perhaps a snippet of a live video? Or maybe you're listening to the radio through your phone and you want to grab a little bit of the audio? The screen record function allows you to quickly save realtime content and will let you save it directly to your files.

We hope you find this little video helpful. We'd also love to know what hidden features and apps you have on your phone that makes your life easier every single day. Do feel free to share them with us in the comments.

Have a great day

Emily x

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