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July 1, 2020

How to Screenshare on Instagram Live

Using Screen share for Instagram live

Instagram is such a difficult platform to crack in comparison to the likes of Facebook and YouTube when it comes to using 3rd party software. It just doesn't like it and has an incredibly locked down API meaning the likes of Streamyard and Zoom just don't fit the bill. However there is a solution and in todays video Emily shows you how to screen share on Instagram Live.

Why should I screen share?

If you are currently using Instagram Live for your business then screen sharing is a brilliant way for you to up level your lives and really deliver quality content with your audience. Perhaps you're delivering a presentation or maybe you have a special offer to promote. Sometimes its just easier to have your website or social media links written on screen for people to absorb. Visuals can be so powerful in delivering your message.

But if Instagram doesn't like 3rd party software how can I do it?

Today we're going to show you a super easy hack and it involves using your camera roll function on Instagram stories and some time on canva to create some eye catching imagery. Click on the video above and Emily will show you the exact steps you need to take!

We always love hearing from you guys so if you would like any help uplevelling your social game or have any suggestions for videos to be made do get in contact as we'd love to to create something for you.

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Have a great day

Emily x

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