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May 13, 2020

How to autotweet from Instagram to Twitter using IFTTT

How to autotweet from Instagram to Twitter using IFTTT...

 Following our successful time saving hack using IFTTT [ If this then that] to share from Instagram to Pinterest we thought that we would show you another one today that shows you how to set up a rule to autoshare from Instagram to Twitter.

Now yes, we know you can switch the share button over on Instagram when you are posting manually but for lots of us busy people we use 3rd party apps like Tailwind to schedule our posts that don't allow this as a function. Its pretty frustrating.

Also, when you share directly from Instagram to Twitter you only really share the link to your instagam post. By using the IFTTT app it will allow you to share your images natively to twitter which in turn will MASSIVELY help with your engagement.

Todays video shows you the exact steps to take to use IFTTT to autotweet from Instagram to Twitter. Its short and sweet this week but will save you bucket loads of time once youve set it up!

So without further ado here is the link to our tutorial. We do hope you find it useful.

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Have a tip top day...

Emily x

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