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January 12, 2022

Guest feature on the Vocal Revolution podcast- how do we find our digital voice?

Last week we had the absolute privilege and honour of being guest on the Vocal Revolution podcast hosted by none other than The Digital Circus member Katie Rose. Within it we talked all about how we can all find our digital voice online and having the confidence to deliver our message freely, without fear of "getting it wrong".

As digital visibility specialists we love to talk about the hard skills involved with being seen and heard online and often talk about the technical aspects of digital visibility but it was so great to discuss the softer skills that we all take for granted so often.

We have always been two of Katie's biggest yellow cheerleaders and over the past year since she has joined The Digital Circus she has become such an important member to our community. She is committed to showing up, learning more and helping to raise up the other members within our circus family.

Katie Rose, musician and host of the Vocal revolution podcast
Katie Rose- Host of the Vocal Revolution podcast

Described by The Guardian as a 'fine singer' and fROOTs Magazine as an 'eye and ear opener', Katie Rose loves singing and helping people sing. Committed to making the wellbeing benefits of singing accessible and inclusive, Katie leads choirs in community settings across London including hospitals, hospices and carers centres. Passionate about the power of song to make waves in the world, she has directed mass choral events including Sing for Water, fundraising for WaterAid and Festival of Peace Croydon in partnership with London Mozart Players. As a coach with 20 years experience, Katie brings a unique, holistic approach to voice work, helping individuals to unlock the power, joy & magic of their true voice.

Singing at the tower of London with Project Get Singing

The Vocal revolution podcast is certainly worth being in everyones ears. If you haven't yet given it a listen we strongly recommend that you go and put it on your listen list [and not just our episode of finding your digital voice!] . It is a project she is working on that is actively looks to explore the power of voice both personally and collectively and is filled with stories and conversations from the worlds leading vocal activists.

And for those of you who don't know, Katie also released an album in the latter part of 2021 and we were fortunate enough to attend the album launch virtually. Its such an incredible piece of work and you can download Flame- by Katie Rose here.

The album cover of Flame- By Katie Rose
Flame- By Katie Rose

Please do give The Vocal Revolution podcast a listen. It was such an enjoyable interview that we loved being a part of. And of course if you have any questions about any of the points we raised within the conversation about finding your digital voice you can always drop us a line and we would be more than happy to chat.

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