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January 12, 2022

Winning the Christmas MailerLITE Competition |The best email marketing platform

It's no secret that we are HUGE lovers of Mailerlite and that we genuinely think that they are the best email marketing platform on the market. We switched over to them a years ago after struggling to find an email marketing platform that would do everything we needed at the same time as being super simple and intuitive to use. We also think that their support team could be some of the nicest, most helpful, wonderful people on the planet. So when we saw that they were running a Christmas competition we just knew that we had to enter.

Not only did we enter, we went and bagged first place!!!!!!

So what was the scope of the Christmas competition? Well..we were tasked with creating a jingle or poem all about why we love mailerlite and email marketing. This could have been written, audio or video.

And if you know us and have been following us for a while you'll know that video is where we think its at and what we feel the most comfortable with so that what's we intended to do.

Little did Emily know though that Alan had a very specific plan in place for what our entry would be. For the record Emily doesn't sing in public. EVER. Not even for drunken karaoke...So you can imagine how much she loved creating a permanent record to be plastered over the internet of her singing just to appease Alan's creative vision!!!!!!


We were absolutely delighted when the email arrived this week to tell us that we had won first prize and we look forward to sharing it with you all when it arrives in the post.

Thank you so much to Mailerlite for the Christmas fun. It really did make us smile and once again proved that content doesn't have to be complicated and that building rapport and relationships with your audience is key to winning on digital. MailerLITE really are the best email marketing platform [ and no, they don't pay us to say that!] and we will continue to recommend them to all of our clients and followers in the future.

P.S. Since our win we have cheekily asked their wonderful team to be a part of The Digital Circus LIVE on the 5th April and we are thrilled to have them as part of the 2022 line up. Make sure you are signed up to The Yellow Tuxedo Times to be one of the first to know when tickets go on sale in early February and be sure to watch their workshop on the day!

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