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December 15, 2021

Creating the Best Digital Customer Experience with Ricky Locke | Online First Impressions

Creating the best digital customer experience...

As we head further into December we're continuing with our series of Christmas collaborations with some of the most incredible legends in the online world. This week its the turn of the magician, the customer experience king, the absolutely incredible human that is Ricky Locke as he talks to Alan all about creating the best digital customer experience you possibly can.

We were keen to find out exactly HOW you create that incredible customer experience from the very start and from the absolute extremities of your online ecosystem.

It's all about first impressions...

For long term followers of Yellow Tuxedo you'll know that we are huge subscribers to the belief that you should have an omni-channel presence online. We recognise that our audience may not just come from one place across the internet and that we never truly know where our next customer might be coming from. Whether they have watched you on a YouTube video, seen your profile on Linkedin or even downloaded one of your gif's from Giphy that persons first impression of you as a person or business matters. And with that in mind you have to consider what that first impression is and whether thats a good representation of who you are and who they might be working with is it authentic?. Its really true that digital customer experience starts there.

It's takes up to seven seconds to make a first impression so you need to make it count. The science does state that you do have up to four minutes following this to change their initial impression of you however its important to ensure you make those first few seconds count. Make an impact.

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Consistency is key...

And we're not just talking about how you show up online with your face. We talk lots about video content in what we teach but first impressions come down to so much more than how you talk. Consistency online includes the way someone is made to feel at any point in which they start their journey towards becoming a customer or advocate of your business online. Do you have consistent branding? Do people recognise that they're in the right place if they find you on a twitter post? Does your tone of voice in your posting seem similar? Does it make them feel warm and fuzzy or do they want to leave immediately?

Listen to this short video with Alan and Ricky as they discuss in more depth what is means to create the best digital experience ever.

Have great day

Emily and Alan

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