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December 8, 2021

Planning a podcast episode with podcasting expert Zoe Hanson

Planning a podcast episode that hits the spot with your audience

We were absolutely delighted when Zoe Hanson, The Podcast Lady, recently stopped by for a natter and a few buckets of tea here at Yellow Tuxedo Towers. Zoe is a great friend and was of course one of our expert speakers at The Digital Circus LIVE back in May 2021. It was pleasure to get to hang out in real life!

As an ex professional radio presenter and owner of the incredibly successful Southampton podcast The So So Show, Zoe now works to help people to absolutely nail their own podcasts and to get their stories heard with help with technical support right through to giving her clients the confidence to tell their story and to actually hit that scary record button.

In todays video Zoe kindly gave us her three top tips for successfully planning an executing the perfect podcast episode.


Tip 1- Cut the waffle...

It is something we are all guilty of whenever we hit the record button, be it on a podcast or a video. We always go into fluff mode to introduce our subject/ guests. Remember, no one else cares and that your audience is time poor. Give them the information they need without padding for the sake of it.

Tip 2- Be a storyteller...

Take your audience on a journey and build rapport. Rather than just delivering the cold hard facts, incorporate it into a story. Tell them something relatable and give context to your points. Its far more impactful.

Tip 3- Talk to just one person...

Whenever you hit the record button forget about the thousands of listens/ watches you are hoping to attract. Whenever you speak try and think about speaking to just one person in the audience and connect with them. That person might be on a dog walk, or in the car. They are giving you their ears for that period of time and its incredibly personal. Stop talking to the masses and really concentrate on bringing them into your episode and making them care.

Be sure to watch the video in full at the beginning of this blog. Zoe goes into much more detail about these three tips and we found them INCREDIBLY useful!

Do you have something you would like to talk about? We are always looking for video collaborations with other experts. If you would like to collaborate on a video like this with us please do get in contact as we'd love to have a chat!

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