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February 19, 2021

Why is video important for business?

Really, why is video important for business!

In this blog I’m going to share some of the more practical reasons with you on why is video important for business and that you almost have to be making video in 2021!

If you read our other blog all about what we did for marketing in 2020 [How much do businesses spend on marketing], you’ll understand that video played a huge part in our marketing strategy and has massively helped propel our business forward. And, now I’m going to share the practical way in which the video content helped us, other than just sharing it on our social platforms.

In this blog post...

There are two main ways as a business that you should be creating video content

  1. The type of video that is helpful or entertaining, more curated in nature and would naturally sit on YouTube or in a blog post.
  2. Going LIVE.

Both types of video are hugely beneficial for you and interestingly, going LIVE can also sit in the same place as point 1 above if you wish it to.

However in this blog I’m specifically looking at point 1 above and will cover point 2, going LIVE another day . [will link to it, when done].

Our Yellow Tuxedo YouTube channel

What making video content does for you, your business and your brand.

Simply put, if you create video content, it allows your audience, community, potential clients, followers, likers, subscribers and people who are just discovering you to start their know, like and trust journey into you and your brand without you actually needing to talk to them directly in the first instance.

Think of it like this, before you walk into your chosen supermarket, you already know how you feel about them because of all of the adverts you watch on the TV!

You’re creating your own ‘adverts’ that aren’t going to be on TV, they’re actually going to be somewhere better… The internet!

How that non TV approach works practically…

Here are some images… The caveat here, as with all content is that you HAVE to do your keyword research and optimise the content with the keywords, otherwise this doesn’t work.. This is also something we teach to our clients and The Digital Circus members.

Why is video important for business
Google main page results for keyword 'streamyard for podcast'
Why is video important for business
Google video results for keyword 'streamyard for podcast'
Why is video important for business? | Yellow Tuxedo on Google
Google image results for keyword 'streamyard for podcast'

What you’re seeing here is 'page 1' of Google for the main search, video & images. As you can see we appear six times for our chosen video & the keyword used across those three 1st pages. You also see that our strong and consistent branding helps a lot to catch the viewers eye.

I’ve shown you the main search results, videos & images as people do like to shop in different ways and we need to accommodate for that. We actually rank higher than Streamyard the company on the main results page on Google!

We’re also here.. Number 1 on YouTube for our chosen keyword..

Why video is important for business | Yellow Tuxedo YouTube

The adventure continues...

What we’re doing here, is creating content that is helpful, adds value, answers questions and grows our brand authority. It also allows potential clients into our eco-system at a point that is convenient to them! This is all part of the Flywheel Model of marketing..

The Digital Circus | Yellow Tuxedo

What else?

We’re also doing something else we like to do, which is ‘embrace the grey, as that’s where the true growth and excitement comes from’. The particular video used as an example in this blog has not only had people watching our content, visiting our website and becoming clients and brand ambassadors, but it  has us chatting with people around the world and also has had us appear as guests on podcasts from around the world. All growing our brand and all because we recorded one video!

*NOTE… There’s a huge part missing in this blog, we haven’t even covered using this video across your social platforms!!! How often you can share it, where to share it and how many more times you can reuse and repurpose it…

Final thoughts

So, our one video has created 7 ‘virtual doors’ to our business across these two platforms. Actually, it’s created more as it does rank on page one for both Google and YouTube for other similar keywords as well. This doesn't include where else we've used this video and keyword of course!

Why is video so important to your business? Well, hopefully this blog has answered that for you and you really need to get going with it. Create that content, optimise it and get sharing…

Ok, these are really my final thoughts…

We get there’s a lot more to it than just picking up the camera. There’s what to talk about, keyword research, camera confidence and then actually how to do it! So, we thought we'd help answer all of these as well..

Hopefully the following will all help..

What to talk about… You always always start with answering the questions your clients are already asking, as I bet your bottom dollar others are typing those same questions into Google.

For keyword research, you can start here..

Camera confidence tips from the fabulous Chris Mooney off of CM Learning.

This video will help you get started with filming on your smart phone…

Thank you for reading today. I'd love to hear any thoughts you have on creating videos for you and your business! Do feel free to just drop me an email on [email protected] or find us on one of our social platforms and engage away with us!

Have fun always..


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