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October 7, 2021

When things go wrong... | Amazing podcasts to listen to in 2021 | S01E01

When things go wrong…

Alan's side project continues from the trailer with episode 1 of their podcast... It's actually quite good.

Below, you'll find the show notes to have a read through..

When things go wrong… Surely, something has gone wrong for all of us?

This is The 3 Men and Podcast, Podcast, one of the most amazing podcasts to listen to in 2021, it literally is one of the best podcasts EVER...

In each episode of The 3 Men And Podcast, either Alan, Matt or Ricky takes the hosts chair and ambushes the other two with a topic that usually they have no idea about...

In episode 1 it’s ‘When Things Go Wrong’... We’d love to know any stories you may have about when things go wrong for you or even what to do when things go wrong. Do get in touch and share them with them, as they may include them in future episodes..

In this episode…

  • Matt admits to driving a BMW and being ‘that’ driver. He also talks about the time he was having a poo in the desert as he was approached by a man with an AK47!
  • Alan talks about the time when two wheels fell off his trailer on the A34 and was left stranded.
  • Ricky, after smashing his car up a bit, decides that rather than telling his parents, it’s time to get big bros in to help sort it..

Or listen to it on your favourite podcast platform via this link


Have fun always and thank you for reading, watching and listening..

Emily & Alan

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