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February 16, 2024

Mum of four building a business | Alex Chell | The small business podcast

Alex Chell is the owner of Ardington Creative, brand design specialist based in Hertfordshire. In today’s interview for The Digital Circus LIFE she talks about what it means to be a team of one in your business but juggling a large family team of four children in your personal life. Alex’s shares with us her experiences and shares valuable lessons to networking, client goals, personal development, and the prospect of evolving a business alongside personal growth.

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Personal Goals: Identity Beyond Parenthood

On a personal level, Alex’s venture into business was more than just about professional fulfillment; it was also about retaining a sense of self beyond the realms of parenthood. After experiencing a loss of personal identity with the birth of her first child, the business became a sanctuary where she could engage in intelligent conversations and challenges, keeping her identity vibrant and alive. She is now a mum of four building a business on her terms.

The conversation also touches on how, through the process of becoming a parent, many lose sight of their hobbies, interests, and sometimes, their identity. The struggle to maintain one's identity while navigating the demanding role of parenthood is a common theme, further complicated by expectations and the physicality of motherhood. Something that many of us can resonate with.

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Future Prospects and Learning

Looking forward, Alex has been contemplating the evolution of her business as her children grow and become more independent. The idea of possibly expanding the business to include a team that handles the design work while she focuses more on client strategy and relationships reflects her vision for growth without boundaries imposed by time.

Because its an important point. At some point your kids are going to fly that nest, and when they do, will you be able to remember who it is you are and what you want to achieve with your time on this planet??

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