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December 7, 2023

"I got sick and found purpose" | Reasons why people start their own business | Vicki Brown

This week on The Digital Circus LIFE podcast  we explore the transformative journey of Vicki Brown, a personal trainer and owner of LIVEFITNOW, who turned her health issue into a career path filled with purpose and passion. We will delve into the pivotal moment that changed her life and the steps she took to build a successful business aimed at helping others. Along the way, we will also discussed the importance of balance, discipline, and personal growth.

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A Pivotal Moment

Vicky's life took a dramatic turn when she fell ill during her final year of school. Diagnosed with a condition called indeterminate colitis, she realised the need to prioritise her health and take control of her well-being. This led her to join a gym and immerse herself in exercise, sparking a deep passion for fitness and personal growth. Vicky's illness, though initially seen as a setback, became the catalyst for a new direction in her life.

From Hobby to Career

With her newfound love for the gym, Vicky decided to pursue a career in personal training. She obtained various qualifications and started working with clients, continuously learning and gaining experience. She was driven by her desire to help others improve their physical and mental well-being, particularly as they age. Vicky wanted to enable individuals to maintain their strength and independence well into their later years.

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Balancing Passion and Discipline

Maintaining her love for fitness while running a business required careful balance and discipline. Vicky recognised that her career had to evolve beyond one-on-one coaching to reach a broader audience. Embracing the power of the internet, she sought ways to inspire and guide more people in leading healthier lives. This expansion allowed her message of strength and well-being to resonate with a larger community.

The Never-Ending Mission

Vicky's goal is not finite; it expands as the need for support and guidance grows in society. She believes that people are facing increasing challenges in terms of physical and mental health, loneliness, and overall well-being. As a result, her purpose becomes even more significant over time. Instead of envisioning an endpoint, Vicky sees her role expanding and her impact deepening as she continues to provide support and inspiration.

Embracing Challenges and Finding Balance

Vicky acknowledges that the journey hasn't always been easy. There were times when maintaining balance between her personal life and business obligations felt overwhelming. However, she recognised the importance of personal growth and continuously evolving her skill set. By embracing new challenges and refining her time management skills, Vicky was able to find a more sustainable balance and prioritise self-care.

The Power of Community

Throughout her journey, Vicky has found strength in the power of community. Connecting with like-minded individuals, learning from colleagues, and being part of a supportive network has been crucial to her personal and professional growth. By surrounding herself with passionate individuals, Vicky has been able to unlock new skills, broaden her horizons, and continue making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Vicky's story serves as an inspiration for those seeking purpose and passion in their lives. Her journey from illness to a fulfilling career highlights the transformative power of embracing challenges and pursuing your true calling. By finding balance, maintaining discipline, and embracing personal growth, Vicky has created a business founded on helping others achieve physical and mental well-being. As she looks toward the future, her purpose continues to expand, empowering her to make an even greater impact on individuals seeking a path to a long, good, and strong life.

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