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October 19, 2022

How much is too much to share on social media?

So, how much is too much to share on social media?

Emily & I are big on ‘human connections in a Digital world’ and part of connecting with others in this environment is sharing a bit more about yourself and understanding how much is too much to share on social media!

Some people talk about being vulnerable and others talk about personal brand. 

Both, are obviously spot on, but for us it’s a sliding scale of what you’re happy to share and what you do and don’t want to talk about and we encourage everyone to budge that slider along at least one notch when they next create some epic content…

For instance..

At one end of the scale is just sharing your name and the other end is Katie Price aka Jordan who likes to share everything, as Oliver Cromwell said, warts ’n’ all. That's Katie's style.

We, for instance will share our personal life [or just 'life' as we like to say] and we’ll share our kids and chickens, what we get up to and lots more,  but we don’t talk about our finances for example. We just don’t want to.

It’s not about being inauthentic, it’s about being happy and comfortable with what you do want to share! 

It’s good to be reminded here, that the more you share, the more engagement you’ll probably get and more opportunities for you and your business! I refer you back to Katie Price right now, she made a business out of being her.

What I’m encouraging you to do today, in amongst the confidence, imposter syndrome and other challenges we all face every day is to just budge that slider along one notch. Go on, you can do it.

If you share your name, well, today could be the day to share your face?

If you’re happy sharing your face, what about one of your hobbies next?

If you share your hobbies, is it time to share what you got up to at the weekend?

If you’re happy with that, then perhaps bring your kids or other members of your family into your content. Why not your grandparents or parents? Everyone does love a good parent post… 

Trust me, people will find it interesting, engaging and possibly fun.. It will be way more interesting than sharing out what we all have for sale right now, that’s for certain! 

If you do this, people can really start to get to know you. After all, if they trust you or your business brand, then they’re way more likely to move on further through your ecosystem towards being brand advocates and possibly clients..

Of course, next level stuff is to make that personal information link with what you have for sale!

That brings us back to How much is too much to share on social media?

Well, there is no thing as too much really. It's all about what you're happy with. But, go on, today, share a bit more..

If you've enjoyed this and found it informative, then you may like our other blog all about being social on social media and how to do that properly... 'How to be more social on social media'.

Thank you so much for reading and have fun always..

Alan Braithwaite

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