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June 6, 2020

Connecting Google Analytics to Squarespace


Guided by a few of our Yellow Tuxedo clients this week who were struggling to connect Google Analytics to their websites we thought that it would be a great idea to do a series of short videos to illustrate how simple it is to do this. This week we’re starting with Squarespace. You don’t need to be an expert in coding or a technical wiz kid. Today we show you two simple methods you can use depending on your preference.


The simplest and most straightforward way to link your Google analytics account to your Squarespace site is by using the GA tracking code and pasting it onto the back end of your web browser.

To do this follow these simple steps…

1. Log in to your Google analytics account.

2. Hit “Admin” on the left hand panel.

3. In the 2nd column labelled “property” hit the “tracking info” tab and then “tracking code”

4. Copy and paste the tracking ID. This will be the code that starts with UA.

5. Once you have copied this code head over to your Squarespace dashboard and click on settings>Advanced.

6. Click on “external API keys” and copy your tracking ID.

7. Hit save and you are good to go!


Another simple option to connect your site is by using the Global site tag on Google Analytics. This can be found just under the Tracking ID.

1. Highlight and copy all of the code.

2. In Squarespace rather than clicking on External API keys click on “Code Injection”

3. Paste the web code into the header section and hit save.

This will then track all of the pages on your website.

Regardless of which method you choose to use just be sure that you only pick ONE and not both so that you don’t duplicate data on your site!

And thats it, you are good to go with Google Analytics. Be sure to allow a day or so for it to start tracking data!

Watch our video belowto see how this looks in realtime, and if you haven’t yet done so why don’t you subscribe to our Yellow Tuxedo YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our latest video training.

As always if you have any questions do be sure to chat to a member of our team, we’re always happy to talk things through with you

Have a tip top day and be sure to let us know in the comments how you get on.

Emily x

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