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April 20, 2022

Yellow Tuxedo on the Power to Speak Podcast

What is the Power to Speak podcast?

Power to speak is founded by the absolutely wonderful Jackie Goddard. With 25years experience of being a coach and a teacher she has worked with actors, business and charity leaders, teachers and corporate teams.

Power To Speak as a business gives you the tools to communicate confidently so that you can market yourself effectively and show up powerfully on any platform, whether you are a leader, speaker or actor. The podcast works as a platform to allow other people a voice and the opportunity to tell their story.

We were absolutely delighted when Jackie invited us both on to talk to her on the podcast. We very much respect and admire Jackie's work and it was an absolute privilege to be interviewed.


So what did we talk about?!

So in a slight shift from our usual conversation about digital visibility, Jackie was really interested to know more about our thoughts on personal brand. We unpicked how this works in practice for our own business and offered insights into how small businesses should feel empowered to bring more personality and creativity to their business marketing efforts.

We also talked in depth about how and why we have created Yellow Tuxedo as a business, how we work together as a couple and why our work/ life blend it the most central and important part to every single thing that we do for work.

Obviously we're biased having been guests on this podcast but we really do think it's worth a listen. Jackie has an effortless presenting style and a real knack for delving deep into the archives of her interviewees and asking considered and though provoking questions.

If you are a video consumer do be sure to hit the play button at the top of this blog post and give it a watch.

If you're more of an audio person you can listen to the full podcast here below..


We would love to know what you thought about it so do get in touch and let us know!

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