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February 28, 2022

The Digital Circus 2022- Meet the Speakers

meet the speakers at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event on the 5th April 2022.

So who will you be visiting in the big top at The Digital Circus LIVE this year? We are delighted to announce that we have our line up and the level of expertise in the room this year is INSANE. With that in mind we would like to introduce you to the speakers of The Digital Circus LIVE 2022.

The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 main stage speakers..

The main stage of the Big Top is our designated INSPIRATION zone for the day. Our keynote speakers will be delivering their real life stories to inspire you with the possibilities that digital brings. We have purposely handpicked these guys as regular humans just like you and us who have achieved massive things in their industries...

Al Fawcett- Infinite Pie Ltd

Al Fawcett from Infinite Pie Thinking speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event.

Presentation: "The Gift of Story"

As an Executive and Performance Coach, with over 35 years of business experience, Al is passionate about personal development and performance improvement. He has worked with, observed and interviewed 1000s of people around the world, helping them to achieve positive results, through infinite pie thinking.

As host of the infinite pie thinking podcast, there are an infinite number of stories out there. We all have them. Stories of connection, of pivotal moments, of adventure, opportunity and challenge. He speaks with athletes, entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics, artists and creatives to share thought provoking stories.

Infinite Pie ltd provides content production services including personal & professional development, through thought provoking story telling that is created to build excitement, enthusiasm and connection. They help to stimulate curiosity, wonder and engagement. They explore and answer 3 questions - Who is it for? Why will they turn up? What do you want them to do next?  They also provide the Gift of Story services for people who wish to capture the personal stories that are important to them, for the people who are important to them. 

Lucy Jeffrey- Bare Kind

Lucy Jeffrey founder of Bare Kind speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event

Presentation: My Digital Adventure: From Side Hustler to Full time digital nomad!

Lucy, the founder of Bare Kind, will be talking about how she took her business from strength to strength using all the online resources at her finger tips. She went from working at a bank with the business as a side project, to quitting to run the business to full time, and now she is moving to live the hybrid life in multiple countries across the world - digital is the way forward!

27yr old Lucy started her company in 2018 when she decided she didn’t want her corporate bank job to be her lasting legacy to to world. Since incorporating the company, Lucy has grown Bare Kind to what you are seeing today - bamboo socks that save the lives of endangered animals all around the world! 

10% of the profits are donated to help save the animal on the sock, so each pair is linked to an animal conservation charity. Lucy quit her bank job at the end of 2020 to run Bare Kind full time, and hasn’t looked back. The aim is to have the largest range of animal socks in the world, all contributing to save the species on the sock.

Kelly and James West- ONLE Networking

James and Kelly West from ONLE Networking speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event.

Presentation: "Yes, you can CAN build a global business. Here's how."

It’s no longer essential to meet people to do business with them. Couple this with a lockdown-accelerated communication revolution and you’re left with a profound truth: all businesses can now be global businesses. James & Kelly West of ONLE Networking will visit the Digital Circus to explain how in just four years, they built an online business community that has now expanded to reach New York - and how you can use the same mindset and techniques to find customers from across the world.

Husband and wife team James and Kelly West are the founders of ONLE Networking, the network for people who like people. Since 2018 their approach has been simple, to remove the barriers that get in the way of building relationships, treat business owners like adults and trust that when you bring good people together, good things happen.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 ONLE Networking jumped two feet firmly into the world of digital and now lead with an "online-first" approach to their business which has now led to a wealth of new opportunities on a global scale.

Danielle Bayes- Videos Undifficulted

Presentation: "My TikTok adventure - how it took me 2 years and 4 different accounts to crack it"

Like so many parents, Danielle found that life as a mum of 2 young children didn't gel with her working life in the way she wanted. So she took her Media Studies degree, her freelance social media management skills and her teaching expertise and combined them to create Videos Undifficulted. She offers a range of courses (and TONS of free tutorials on TikTok) to get your business visible and start conversations, all using the power of videos made with Canva. 

In her presentation at The Digital Circus LIVE she will be talking about how she has successfully used TikTok as a viable tool to market her business. Its not been easy, its taken some trial and error to get there, but she will be sharing how she became successful on TikTok and why all business owners shouldn't discount it as a platform within their marketing strategy.

The Digital Circus LIVE 2022- Workshop hosts

As well as our main stage speakers we have TEN superstar workshop hosts who will be waiting to greet you in our LEARNING zone. With a plethora of topics being covered and with workshops being run side by side throughout the day for you to choose from you will be able to tailor your learning throughout the day to get the very best from your Digital Circus experience.

Don't forget if you miss a workshop that you are really interested in, all of our sessions throughout the day are being recorded and will be available to you on replay after the event as part of your event ticket.

Matt King- SalesChange

Matt King from Sales Change speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event.

Workshop title: "Closing the unclosable buyer"

We are so pleased that Matt has agreed to visit The Digital Circus for the second year in a row. Last year his workshop "The 2021 Sales mindset" was voted the number one session of the day as voted for by our visitors and this year will not disappoint!

Matt King is an award winning Business Leader and founder of SalesChange, a creative sales company. He has managed and built sales teams to succeed over the last 15 years with a direct, relatable and down to earth approach which focuses on building relationships, networks and problem solving.

He focuses on collaboration, culture, mindset – all to build that momentum that leads to sales. That’s his idea of fun.

He also creates social content across multiple channels and relishes the opportunity to jump into the sea (even in the winter).

Zoe Hanson- The Podcast Lady

Zoe Hanson, The Podcast Lady and owner of The So So Show speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event.

Workshop title: "Talk to your audience"

This workshop gives you easy tips to find your audience and keep them through podcasting and other means. We will work out how to cut the faff together and realise how to talk to our listener.

The gift of the gab whilst selling wine was what Zoe a gig working on Breakfast radio. After a 20yr career working for Heart and Capital FM as well as pioneering podcasting for local audiences she now teams up with businesses who want to make a great podcast but need some help to get there. She also presents The So So Show, the Southampton podcast as well as runs The Podcast Lady.

Marcin Hakemer-Fernandez- Mailerlite

Marcin Hakemer-Fernandez from Mailerlite speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event.

Workshop title: "Learnings from Mailerlite's global trainer"

Mailerlite is one of the worlds leading email marketing platforms. They are big believers in the power of keeping it simple. No unnecessary features or complicated processes. They are 100% focused on building something their customers need and love to use.

The Mailerlite team pride themselves in being a remote-first company. With over 100 employees living and working across 35 companies.

We are so very lucky that Mailerlite's Global trainer, Marcin, has agreed to come and deliver one of our workshops. If you are using email as part of your marketing strategy then this session should not be missed!

Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis Coaching speaker at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event.

Workshop title: "More Unsquashed YOU in your content"

Trisha will be demonstrating a non scary way of getting more of you in your business content.

Trisha Lewis is a communication coach, actor and 'unsquasher' of impact and confidence. She is also the author of "The Mystery of the Squashed Self' and the host of the 'Make it Real' Podcast. We are so glad to have her in the big top with us this year!

Nikie Forster- The Curious Lighthouse

Nikie Forster from Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022

Workshop title: "Creating an online course to help promote your business"

Ever considered creating an online course to help promote your business?  Many people stall because they are unsure if: A) It’s worth their time. B) They don’t know what topic to focus on. C) Unsure where to start?  In this workshop Nikie will cover these areas and more, to help you answer any questions you might have about creating an online course for your business.

Convinced she was going to be a Radio One presenter from an early age, Nikie’s less than conventional route into the world of Learning & Development, has given her a wide range of experiences which enables her to see learning in every interaction.  Two decades later, having backed up these experiences with a plethora of professional qualifications, she is now the Director and Founder of Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy ltd, where she specialises in enabling Curious, Creative and Credible training solutions for Managers, Trainers, and Entrepreneurs to enhance their performance through face-to-face, online courses, and virtual events. Nikie has been creating online courses for over 6 years and mentors others to create their own courses too.  Curious Lighthouse is based in Hampshire and mainly serves the south coast face-to-face and the world virtually.

Jodie Newman- The Business Allotment

Jodie Newman from The Business Allotment speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event.

Workshop title: "Dig for your difference for a stand out brand story"

If you feel like what you say about your business is not setting you apart from others in your industry, or you think your brand story is not sticking in the minds of the audience you want to engage, or you struggle to create content that brings your brand to life, maybe it is time to dig a bit deeper for your difference?

Creating a stand out story with a tangible difference creates space between your business and others who offer the same thing, so you are seen clearly by your prospects and they can start to answer the question in their minds: why should I choose you?

This practical session will help you start to dig for your difference. 

Jodie Newman is co-owner of the Business Allotment, the place where businesses grow through great ideas, simple strategies and practical tools. Jodie has been in the Allotment for over 18 years, helping small businesses create great brand stories, define their offering, understand their audiences and create practical visions and plans, all with a creative approach that gets business owners fresh perspectives, new ideas and actionable insights. Whether in the Tool Shed, the Business Shed or running a Cultivator session, everything in the Allotment is built on the foundation that great ideas grow businesses.

Vanda Varga- The tour guide to your mind

Vanda Varga, accredited NLP practitioner speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 event.

Workshop title: "It all starts and finishes with you"

Is your Mind your best friend or your worst enemy? Is it there to support you, cheer you on and help you become the very best version of You? OR is it there to hinder you, stop you from showing up and prevent you from succeeding? Which one would you like it to be? If the former, you are in the right place! In this workshop Vanda will look at different ways to make it happen. 

Vanda is an accredited Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy and a neuro-rehabilitation specialist. She spent the last 18 years exploring how the brain/mind works and how it can be changed.

She is on a mission to help people, like you, who are committed to making a change, explore their inner excellence and become the very best version of themselves; guiding them on their journey of self-enablement to grow in confidence and self-esteem and lead a purposeful, proactive and fulfilled life.

She is a firm believer in people’s potential and life-long learning, knowing that everyone learns differently, therefore everyone’s growth will look different too. 

Adam Carley- Touchskye Designs

Adam Carley from Touchskye Designs speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022

Workshop title: "How to reach an audience with little to no budget"

Back for his second year in the Big Top, Adam Carley will be joining us to deliver a workshop all about reaching an audience on a budget.

Specialising in visibility, business growth, and creative problem solving, TouchSkye Designs provides businesses, individuals, & organisations with creative solutions to your predicament. Adam Carley is a multi-disciplined designer, marketeer & problem solver offering a unique, no BS approach helping you grow your online presence, increase sales and elevate your brand with creative flair and style.   

John Banks- Side Income Man

John Banks from Side Income Man speaking at The Digital Circus LIVE 2022

Workshop title: "How To Earn Passively For Your Business Without Holding or Shipping ANY Stock"

Southampton based John is the absolute king of the 'side hustle' and is the founder of Side Income Man, a business that focuses on showing other people how to create multiple revenue streams and new opportunities.

John has run his own Amazon FBA business, eBay stores, multiple ad-revenue generating websites and now runs his own local web design agency. Side Income Man was created to help people start their own side hustle regardless of their level of experience.

In John's workshop he will be covering some simple ways in which you can be incorporating new income streams into your business that don't involved holding stock. This is a must see for anyone who is currently creating content for their business and not yet monetising it.

Danielle Bayes- Videos Undifficulted

Workshop title: "2 videos to make with Canva today"

In a Digital Circus first, Danielle will be delivering a second session for us in the big top sharing her wealth of knowledge about Canva video with us all. In this practical session she will be showing you how to make two different types of Canva video in real time for you to follow along and make with her! A great session to attend if you are just getting started with video editing and need a helping hand with how to do it.

How to get involved with The Digital Circus 2022

Don't forget that the main stage and the workshop are just two parts of The Digital Circus LIVE event. We have a speed networking zone sponsored by ONLE Networking for you to meet and collaborate with other attendees at the event and a dedicated EXPO tent for you to to peruse and visit the virtual stands at the event.

All attendees on the 5th April will receive a digital goodie bag AND all of the sessions available on replay to watch back and enjoy after the day itself so you'll never have to worry about missing any of the action!

Tickets are now available from the circus box office over on Hopin and are just £49 for the entire day. That is £49 for access to 15 industry experts, learning, inspiration and networking all under one virtual tent.

Purchase your ticket for The Digital Circus LIVE 2022 today, it will be the very best investment you make in your business this year.

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