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April 7, 2021

Remixing Reels on Instagram

Never one to be outdone it comes as no major surprise that Instagram has recently launched its Reels Remix feature over on the platform in a bid to battle TikTok Duets. In todays blog we are going to talk all about remixing reels on Instagram including how to do it and more importantly WHY you should possibly consider using the feature as part of your online strategy.

So what Exactly is a Reels Remix?

Instagram Remix is the latest interactive feature on the blog allowing fellow Instagram users to record a response to an existing reel on the platform. Its been proven that Instagram Reels are massively favoured in terms of reach and engagement on Instagram and now they've added Remix to the party it can only get bigger. Remixing reels will allow you to collaborate with more Instagram creators and subsequently reach a much wider audience.

Remixing reels on Instagram is a great way of connecting with other people, bringing your perspective, creativity and voice to the table. TikTok has already proven how powerful duets can be..don't forget Nathan Evans Sea Shanty [ which topped the UK charts] made it there due to the immense power of community involvement.

How to enable Remixing for your Reels

As of April 1st 2021 the remixing feature on Instagram was rolled out as a standard feature for users across the globe and any Reels created after this date are eligible to be remixed. That being said any Reels that pre-date the 1st of April can still be remixed however the original creator will need to enable this feature to be switched on for each Reel.

To allow historic Reels to be remixed simply click on the 3 dots and tap "enable remixing" for the individual Reel.

And if you would prefer that your Reels didn't go further into the public domain? Head over to your privacy settings, head over to the Reels tab and simply toggle off "enable remixing"

So how should you get started remixing an Instagram Reel?

It couldn't be any simpler to get started with remixing Reels on Instagram. If you see something that you feel that you could add a response to or that you would like to get involved with you just need to hit the 3 dots on the Reel that you like. Providing the original creator has enabled remixing on their content you can record your content right next to the original post.

Just like a traditional Reel you can add effects, play with the recording speed, add text etc. You can even add a voice over directly in the app and mix the original sounds! Once you have finished recording your content your Reel will sit alongside the original post ready to be published.

Are Instagram remixes worth it?

Now we all know by now that every time Instagram, or any other platform for that matter, releases a new feature content tends to be massively favoured if the user starts embracing that particular element. We know that Reels as a whole are massively boosted right now as opposed as to standard static posts. We did trial this on the day that Reels remixes were launched and we saw a noticeable difference in our reach within SECONDS, not minutes, not hours but seconds...

But then again here at Yellow Tuxedo we also try to not to get sucked into the Algorithm vortex. We wholly recognise that whatever is working well right now may change as soon as next week if Instagram chooses to change the parameters.

So with that in mind we would recommend getting involved with remixes. They are super fun and easy to use. But the caveat? Only use them if they fit what you want to do with your business, your personality and your overall brand.

We fully intend to use Remixes as part of our strategy to promote The Digital Circus LIVE on the 18th May. If you have a community behind you and a message to promote why would you not incorporate Remixes into your strategy?!

Overall we think Remixes are a great opportunity. We are only in the early stages of this as a feature. We look forward to seeing it progress as it continues to compete against those other short form content platforms across the globe!!

Emily x

Whilst you're here have you gone and visited our info page about The Digital Circus LIVE? Its our online celebration event all about digital visibility, business growth and opportunity and we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you there...

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