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October 20, 2021

How to exclude an IP address from Google Analytics

Why are we discussing IP addresses?

In this weeks video over on our YouTube channel we show you how to exclude your IP address from Google Analytics. And why did we decide to make this video? Quite simply because we were asked by one of our Digital Circus members! We have stuck to one golden rule over the last few years which is to always answer the questions our audience are already asking. You will never run out of content if you open your ears and eyes to whats already in front of you. So thank you to Nikie Forster from The Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy what a great question it was. We hope you find todays answer useful!

Its also quite a timely subject for us as Emily recently completely her Google Analytics IQ certification and therefore is very keen to share her newfound geekiness with you all when it comes to analytics!

So why should you exclude your IP address from Google Analytics anyway?

Are you the type of business owner who checks your website a thousand times a day? Perhaps you make tweaks and changes to your web pages regularly. When you website traffic is still quite small it can be really difficult to understand what is true web traffic and what is you. Your own visits could make a massive difference to the data set and when you are in the early stages of understanding your analytics and what the user behaviour is on your site you could easily be skewing your stats.

By excluding your IP address from the data set you allow yourself the opportunity for a much cleaner data set and a chance to understand what is happening with your analytics.

Is it simple to exclude your IP address on Google Analytics?

The simple answer is yes. It is incredibly simple to exclude your IP address on Google Analytics. Be sure to watch the two minute video above to find out how you can exclude your IP address today. This video demonstrates how to exclude just one IP address but this filter method could be applied to a group of IP addresses if you are working with a wider team as well as a number of other filter rules.

We strongly suggest that if you haven't done this yet that you go and set up this filter rule on your Google Analytics account. And of course if you want any more support with understanding your Google Analytics and how to use the stats to help grow your business why not drop us a message and book a 1-2-1 power hour with us, we'd be happy to help.

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