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This weeks video tutorial has been created for all of you who have yet to log into your Google Analytics accounts!!! We have spoken to so many business owners recently who simply just don’t check their stats because they are worried that they won’t understand the insights. With this in mind we have created a Google analytics tutorial for beginners that just highlights some of the key metrics to get you started. Trust us, once you start playing around with all of the data you’ll become addicted just like us!

To find out more about using Google Analytics to help grow your website traffic click and watch our video above. And if you haven’t yet done so why don’t you subscribe to our Yellow Tuxedo YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our latest video training.

As always if you have any questions do be sure to chat to a member of our team, we’re always happy to talk things through with you!

Have a tip top day and if you haven’t yet installed the app on your phone then go and do it RIGHT NOW!

Emily x


IGTV is most definitely not dead, well yet! Yet its still one of those features on Instagram that doesnt get used enough. We all know that video content is king so why wouldn’t you use IGTV as another place to repurpose your awesome video macro content? In todays how to guide by Alan, he shows you how to upload to IGTV from your computer as opposed to natively from your phone.

There are several big plus points to uploading from your desktop. One MASSIVE one being the length of video that you are able to upload. On your phone you are limited to just 10mins, when you upload from your computer this is extended to up to 1hr.

Alan also goes on to show you how to upload cover art the right way so that it sits tidily on your instagram grid [ for those of you who are scared to break away from your curated feeds!!] as well as how to create drafts that can be edited and uploaded when you are ready.

We’d love to know if you are currently a fan of using IGTV and how often you post videos to your channel. Do be sure to let us know in the comments!

As always if you have any questions do be sure to chat to a member of our team, we’re always happy to talk things through with you.

Emily x

Celebrating your weekly wins. Today we're in the garden making the most of the sun today and we're celebrating everything good and positive from this week. We really hope you enjoy VLOG #009 from us. What have been your wins this week?

During this time is easy to fall into the trap of negative thoughts. Its a REALLY REALLY tough time for everyone right now and we completely understand that however a really healthy habit to get into is trying to find the positives in your week. Whether that be professionally, personally or whether you just managed to get out of your slouchy PJ's at some point!!!!

Celebrate the wins as much as you can. It will help propel you forward.

Watch VLOG #010 Its a new week. Start is Strong, positive and healthy.

Yay, it's the international day of happiness and we ask our 4yr old Ben what makes him happy.. In VLOG 004 we talk all about the International Day of Happiness and what makes you happy and what you can do to make others happy!

Watch VLOG #005 What very relevant record did Alan set?

Tik Tok is just for the kids right? I’m pretty sure the same was said about Facebook and Instagram when they were both released. Of course its true, the current demographic of users on Tik Tok is 18-24year olds, however this is starting to shift. And we are seeing more and more brands moving towards this popular app to include it in their marketing strategy. The app is most definitely on its way to finding mainstream popularity. 


Tik Tok is a video sharing app allowing users to share short form, 15 second videos. Originally stemming from, Tik Tok has been massively popular in Asia and is now taking the rest of the world by storm. 

Tik Tok is one of the most downloaded apps in the world with over 500 million active users worldwide. Although still relatively in its infancy as a social media platform, especially in terms of brand awareness for business, its rapid growth should not be taken for granted. Tik Tok is here to stay and it has the power to be a really incredible tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence.


Much like in Instagram and FB stories, Tik Tok presents an opportunity to connect with audiences in new, fun and engaging ways. Depending on your exact brand tone of voice, you can be funny, serious, controversial, positive and political to your hearts content. You need not think that you should have to spend your time on the app lip synching to music videos!

So exactly what content can you include? Well the worlds your oyster…Product reviews, handy hints and tips, behind the scenes details, product reveals, brand advertising. 15 seconds is a perfect amount of time to capture audience attention and deliver your brand message.


Much like Instagram, Tik Tok relies on hashtags to help users discover new content. Again, just like Instagram it has an explore tab for users to see trending hashtags and content as well as a search function for people to search on individual hashtags.

One of the most exciting current strategies on the app at the moment is running a hashtag challenge. Commonly used by influencers and businesses, a hashtag challenge is an incredible way or prompting engagement and building a community around your content. At this stage in the app’s lifetime this also means this a real opportunity to create viral content quickly. Hashtag challenges are simple to join in and fun. If you’re not yet a well-established brand, you can also consider using influencers to help kickstart your challenge campaign.


Authenticity should be at the core of any digital marketing campaign and your Tik Tok strategy should be no different. Being in its infant stages means that it hasn’t yet been flooded by brands trying to make their mark. With this in mind a focus on community and creativity should be the centre of your campaign rather than pushing sales. By doing this you will most definitely succeed in building your legacy and brand growth.

At Yellow Tuxedo we have recently joined the app. Although we are relatively new we can already see how much potential there is being in that space. 2020 will see us working hard on our strategy  to cement our own Tik Tok presence. You can find us on there by searching @yellow_tuxedo . 

The big question is…who else wants to be an early adopter? Who wants to join us? If you need any support getting started just get in touch. And be sure to drop your Tik Tok handles in the comments so that we can follow you!

Have a great day!

Yellow Tuxedo

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