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May 4, 2022

The 68 Hats Podcast- talking Digital Visibility

We were recently privileged to be asked to be guests on the 68 Hats podcast hosted by Pete Avery and Jodie Newman to discuss our thoughts surrounding Digital Visibility. Have you had a listen yet? If not do be sure to click above to get it in your ears.

What is the 68 hats podcast?

68 Hats is the podcast for small business owners who find themselves having too many hats to wear. Created by Jodie Newman of The Business Allotment and Pete Avery of We Are Stride, each edition takes one of those hats of expertise, examines it, pulls it apart, extracts the important bits and hopefully delivers you insight, ideas and inspiration to help you war that hat with more ease.

It’s not about making business owners an expert in every hat - whether that is websites, pricing or mindset - it’s more about not feeling such a twit when they put a hat on. They invite expert guests on to share their wisdom and insights and each edition will give you a hat trick of practical points to apply straight back to your business.


Yellow Tuxedo on 68 Hats...

Within our episode we talked with Jodie and Pete all about the concept of Digital Visibility and why we think it shouldn't be overlooked by businesses. We also talk lots about business overwhelm in a very noisy online space and how your online content, when done right, need not feed into the mass of online babble but can be a clear pathway for your customers to get to know you and your products and services so much better.

Thank you to Pete and Jodie for giving us the opportunity. We absolutely loved this interview and it was so much fun to spend some time in their 68 hats world.

For Anyone looking for a podcast recommendation 68 Hats should definitely be on your listen list!

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