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Yellow Tuxedo Presents

The Digital Circus

We’re all incredible business owners,we really are. Yet sometimes it very much feels like we’re playing at being a juggler rather than the ringmaster. We all know we need to market our business yet the overwhelm can be crippling. Without a clear understanding of what we need to do AND how to deliver it those juggling balls just end up crashing down to the floor. Thats where we want to help!

What is the digital circus? 

The Digital Circus is our brand spanking new membership that has been designed to help small businesses and solopreneurs just like you to grow, connect and convert your online audience and to really stand out
We want to invite you to join us in our virtual big top for regular digital skills workshops that have been specifically designed with you in mind by taking a simple and jargon free approach to help you become the ringmaster of your own audience.

All of our sessions will not only help you to mould and shape your online presence strategy but they will take you step by step through all of the pieces of the puzzle to practically implement them.

A circus is a community, a family even, and thats exactly what we want to create. So along with our regular training there will be massive doses of accountability, the opportunity to share best practice with your peers and lots of fun and laughter along the way…The only way that Yellow Tuxedo knows!!!!

Frequently asked questions

What is the digital circus?

Each month we will be running a series of workshops in our virtual big top tent, combined with accountability emails, Q&A sessions and much more. Stay tuned for more information when we launch in just a few weeks

Will I be tied to a contract?

Absolutely not. There will be both a monthly and an annual subscription which you can cancel at any time. Not that you’ll want to though!

I'm not technically minded, is this for me?

The Digital Circus is EXACTLY for you. We are going to break everything down into simple and easy to digest circus acts. By the end of your time at the circus you’ll be a digital marketing extraordinaire!

Will there be a Facebook group?

Nope. One of the things we recognise is how busy we all are and how noisy and time consuming FB groups are. With this in mind we’ve decided to grow our community in a different way!

What will I learn?

If you’ve been following Yellow Tuxedo for a while you’ll know that we wholeheartedly believe that online presence isn’t just about SEO or about social media but its much bigger than that. We’ll be looking at your brand, your website, your blog, your social presence and PR and legacy. But most of all we’ll be showing you how to really connect with your audience so that they want to buy from you before they even submit their first enquiry.

Will Alan wear his yellow suit in the big top?

If you ask him nicely!

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