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The Social VA - Become a social storyteller to grow your clients’ businesses


The Social VA - Become a social storyteller to grow your clients’ businesses


Become a social storyteller to grow your clients’ businesses

Starting in January 2022 the Social VA is here for you

You save your clients time, FACT. Social VAs grow their clients’ businesses. How? By becoming a social storyteller and helping their clients grow their social audience and creating more business for them.


The Social VA Overview

The Social VA programme has been designed specifically for you, a VA or PA who manages content on behalf of your clients. The sessions will give you a toolkit of ideas, strategies, practical approaches and templates to help you be social. The learning can be applied straight back into your business, as well as becoming part of a genuinely effective social content service for your clients. 

From the first step of being able to tell a stand-out story and knowing your brand difference, through understanding exactly what your audience wants to see and engage with, to getting to grips with Google, understanding social content, writing a perfect blog post that gets seen, and ending with a creative way to never run out of content ideas, the Social VA gives you everything you need to become a social storyteller and amplify your and your client’s content.

The Social VA is a must for any VA or PA who wants to increase their digital visibility, stand out from the crowd and grow their own business through more effective and engaging social content, and who also want to help their clients become social storytellers and grow their businesses too. It really is win, win.


The collaboration

The Social Programme is a collaboration between Emily and Alan Braithwaite of Yellow Tuxedo and Jodie Newman of the Business Allotment.

Emily and Alan are digital visibility specialists who help businesses stand out in the crowd by maximising their online presence, whilst Jodie uses a creative approach to strategy, practical tools and ideas to help businesses grow. They have come together to create the Social Programme after realising the power of combining Jodie’s creative approach to building a great brand story and social content with Alan and Emily’s passion to make businesses social combined with their practical take on what it really takes to be digitally visible as a social storyteller.


How's it going to work?

The Social VA comprises five 90 minute online workshops. The sessions take you step by step towards building your social storytelling toolkit and are all interactive, allowing you time to try out the learning and build your own social strategy.

Plus, participants can also book into any of the three bonus Ideas into Action sessions, where Jodie, Emily and Alan will be hosting an hour where questions are answered, ideas shared and learning from the programme is embedded into plans and action.


Session 1 Brand story and audience

Friday 21st January 2022 | 0930-1100am

  • Create your brand positioning
  • Clarify your difference
  • Who is your audience and how will you engage them?

By the end of session 1 you will have: a draft overview of a stand-out brand story, and an understanding key audience types and how to match key brand and service messages to them, and how you can apply these templates to your clients’ businesses.


Google Ads Keyword Planner


Session 2: Understanding Google

Friday 28th January 2022 | 0930-1100am

  • Understanding Google search and why it is essential to business growth
  • Understanding and researching keywords
  • How to dominate page one of Google

By the end of session 2 you will understand how to get both your business and your clients’ businesses ranking on Google and achieving the opportunities that come from that.

Session 3: Social Media essentials

Friday 4th February 2022 | 0930-1100am

  • Macro content introduction
  • Creating the optimum social media post and utilising platforms efficiently.
  • Guide to creating human connections on social media.

By the end of session 3 you will understand how social media works in the wider scheme of digital visibility and how balancing evergreen, social and engagement will achieve success.


Get organised with your online presence, a notebook, a keyboard and a yellow sunflower

Session 4: Effective Blogging

Friday 11th February 2022 | 0930-1100am

  • Why blogging is an essential business tool
  • Get your blog posts seen. How to write and optimise the perfect blog post.
  • Guide to blog post re-sharing

By the end of session 4 you will have a clear understanding of why optimised blogging is important to ensure your content is seen and what process you should take to make sure you are optimising efficiently both for yours and your clients’ content.


Session 5: How to create creative content and get it planned

Friday 18th February 2022 | 0930-1100am

  • Creative content process to create on-brand content
  • How to create themes (macro) and slice into topics (micro) and plan into a simple content calendar
  • Content format checklist

At the end of session 5 you will have created piles of content ideas, but also have a process to keep generating content relevant to your and your clients’ businesses. You will understand how to exploit macro content across platforms, create a plan of macro and micro content for 3 months, with a template to enable future planning.



Ideas into Action session:

Friday 4th March 2022 | 0915 - 1215

Book into one of our interactive focus sessions – small group, interactive sessions where you can bring any questions, areas you want support on or have time to consolidate your insights and learning. These will be published between sessions 4 & 5.

We are really looking forward to collaborating with you all on this project. We understand how hard you all work and hope that this programme will really help you to excel at becoming the best social storyteller you can be.


All sessions will also be available on #Replay for you to watch back on.


Have fun always and see you there...

Jodie, Emily & Alan. 💛💛

PS... The usual investment of £249 has been dropped to £199 for our early bird offer ending on Monday 6th December 2021. Be sure to take advantage and sign up today!


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